Throw Another Potato On The Fire, Edith reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Throw Another Potato On The Fire, Edith
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
D2 AF BGAF|D2 =cA BGGB|Aaag bgag|egdB =cBAF|
D2 AF BGAF|D2 =cA BGGB|Aaag gaed|1 cABc dBAF:|2 cABc decd||
|:Bg (3ggg Bged|cAce aecA|d2fd c2 ec|Abag fedc|
Bg (3ggg Bged|cAce aecA|daed caec|1 Bcde fedc:|2 BcdB AGFE||
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Three comments

Throw Another Potato On the Fire, Edith

A reel I wrote after a memorable musical gathering in snowy North Devon.

The house being freezing cold on the first night, and our group of musicians having to eat potatos for every (yes, every) meal (due to having ordered enough for 50 as opposed to 15 people) led to the naming of the tune.

However, the most mysterious part of the holiday was the reading of the visitors book, which contained many highly amusing and likewise incriminating messages…the best being from a man who referred to having “laid to rest” someone/something called Edith on the hill outside the house.
This led to many ghost stories being told, and eventually my bodhrán playing friend Andy Wilson resorted to shouting “Throw Another Potato On the Fire, Edith!!!” when we had been totally saturated with potatoes, run out of firewood and done far too much speculating about who or what Edith was…!
The tune has become a bit of a favourite with those of us who spent the week in North Devon and also with many Burwell - goers.

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North Devon? Now I’m mortally insulted! 😉

‘Twere deepest West Devon, in spitting distance of Brentor (when the wind is in the right direction). But what a great weekend it was, indeed! And as the holiday cottages at Woodmanswell are no longer available, Edith’s story shall remain a mystery.

Great tune, Lizzy! And it helped get you to Limerick, if I recall correctly… 🙂