Maybelle’s Compliments To Cameron strathspey

By Maybelle Chisholm McQueen

Also known as Cameron Chisholm’s, Compliments To Cameron Chisholm, Maybelle Chisolm’s Compliments To Her Brother Cameron Chisolm, Maybelle’s Compliments To Her Brother Cameron.

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Seven comments

*Not* from the Skye Collection for once.

Anyways, one of my most favoritesty tisssaly freaking strathspeys in the world! Ah… ::melt::

I forget where I got this from, but it was probably a combination between my friend, Ashley MacIsaac, and some other fiddlers who recorded it.. Yep.

Strathspeys on the pipes = love


= Fun as Hell on the whistle as well~!

NOTE: I would think that the second part doesn’t repeat and should be just 8 bars in total… Anyway, I wouldn’t repeat it, loving that lovely second ending as it stands…and following the A-parts 8 bars in total…

I think this tune is also known as Colm Quigley, from the first Leahy album, but I’m reluctant to mark that… I’d better pop in the CD and take a listen…

Apparently it is the anonymous tune labeled “traditional”… Donnell Does a really sweet rendition of this one.

Leahy’s version…

Yes, it’s the second tune of the three-part set, the first being King of the Faeries and the last being an original composition by Donnell. Lovely piece.

C: “Maybelle Chisolm’s Compliments to Her Brother Cameron Chisolm”

“Maybelle’s Compliments to Her Brother Cameron”
C: Maybelle Chisolm

Cape Bretoners both, with fiddling in the family…