Seven recordings of a tune named
Maybelle’s Compliments To Cameron

Also known as Cameron Chisholm’s, Compliments To Cameron Chisholm, Maybelle Chisolm’s Compliments To Her Brother Cameron Chisolm, Maybelle’s Compliments To Her Brother Cameron.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Johnny Wilmot’s Fiddle (a few times), Prince Charlie (a few times), The Tarbolton (a few times), The Warlocks (a few times), Andy De Jarlis’, Bog An Lochan, The Fermoy Lasses, The Haughs Of Cromdale, Hull’s, The Nine Pint Coggie, Off With You!, Wake Up To Cape Breton.

  1. A Compilation by Natalie MacMaster
  2. Beolach by Beolach
  3. Fire Dance by Richard Wood
  4. No Man is an Island by Calum Edmunds
  5. Some Tasty Tunes by Brenda Stubbert
  6. The Call by Rebecca Lomnicky
  7. The Departure by Chrissy Crowley