Sixteen recordings of a tune named
Jenny Lind

Also known as The Bridal, The Heel And Toe, Jenny Lind’s, Jenny Lind’s Favorite, Jenny Lind’s Favorite Serenading, Jenny Lind’s Favourite, Jenny Lind’s Favourite Serenading, The Jenny Lind, Jenny Ling, Jenny Linn, Johnny And His Camera, Quinn’s Irish.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Joe Bane’s Schottische (a few times), After The Battle Of Aughrim, The Back Of The Haggard, The Ballydesmond, Din Tarrant’s, Farewell To Whiskey, The Girl I Left Behind Me, Grandfather’s, The Hills Of Tara, John McKenna’s, John Ryan’s, Julia Clifford’s, Kempshott Hunt, The Maho Snaps, The Mountain Pathway, Over The Hills And Far Away, Parnell’s March, Tripping On The Mountain.

  1. An Gaoth Aduaidh - The North Wind by Various Artists
  2. And The Fiddles Played On by Fiddleheads
  3. Concertina Workshop by Alistair Anderson
  4. English Fiddle Tunes by Pete Cooper
  5. Feadóga Stáin 2 by Mary Bergin
  6. Now by Ciaran Somers and Nicolas Quemener
  7. On Lough Erne’s Shore by Cathal McConnell
  8. Rig-a-jig-jig: Dance Music Of The South Of England by Various Artists
  9. Stepping Up: English Country Dance Music by Various Artists
  10. The Broken Pledge by Marc Pollier, Christian Maes, Christophe Raillard
  11. The Coming Of Spring by Cliff Moses
  12. The Flax In Bloom: Traditional songs, airs & dance music in Ulster ~ CD: 2 of 3 by Various Artists
  13. The Morning Star by Marla Fibish and Jimmy Crowley
  14. Trip To Fanore by Eugene Lambe
  15. Upstream by The Bismarks
  16. Warts ‘n’ All by Black Sheep