Tes Jolis Patins Blanc waltz

Also known as Les Patins Blanc, Les Satins Blanc.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Tes Jolis Patins Blanc
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
G>AB BcB|F3 F>ED|E3 G3|A3 c3:|

Eight comments

One of my favourite waltzes.It’s always played at sessions and folkballs here in Belgium.


They way it is notated here and shows up in the dots it looks more like a jig 6/8 than waltz 3/4
What’s the way to play it?

My mistake.The midi is too fast,it should be played as a stately waltz.Just imagine an extra bar line between every group of three notes.

In other words just change the ABC to L:1/4


A Phillippe Prieur compostion. According to some it should run about 72 MM . French Waltzes are probably the fastest on the planet, but still are not jigs .
If that’s not specific enough it’s the most romantic piece I’ve ever heard and I assume that the reason everybody within earshot doesn’t elope is that I’m not quite playing it right. Let that be your guide.

One year at the (Over the Water) Hurdy Gurdy camp a beautiful young woman was preparing to upgrade and trying all the instuments she could. I lent her mine and picked up an antique Colson that the owner had been egging me to try. She launched into this tune and I came along behind her. We played it about 15 times before I looked around and noticed that the room was completely vacant. I thought "We’ll I finally got it right!".
They started trickling back in: 3 aircraft carriers. and a dozen or so smaller craft had convoyed up the bay. Everybody ran out to look. Oh well….

The actual name of the tune is "Tes Jolies Patins Blanc". The popular nickname is "Les Satins Blanc" which was a joke attempting to link it to "Nights in White Satin". I understand M. Prieur was not particularly amused.

I think it’s easier to read it with the notes as a group of three. I tend to remember the key signature, anyways. Just my two cents on the matter. Great tune, anyways.

Ohh… I see the problem with this one… L: should be 1/4, not 1/8, correct Dafydd?

Written by P Prieur, from the centre of france. Often played by Eric Montbel in folk bals. A nice tune for my french bagpipe. I recomment you to pla it in G mix (no F#), and start the melody by a G