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One setting

X: 1
T: Captain Keeler
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmin
F|B2d/c/B fBbB|ABcB AFd/c/A|B2d/c/B fBbB|AFd/c/A BGGA|
B2d/c/B fBbB|ABcB AFd/c/A|Bcde fgfd|c/B/AFA BGGF||
DGBG dGBG|d/c/ABG AFd/c/A|Bcde fgfd|cAFA BGGA|

Eight comments

I thought this one was here…but I searched in every possible way, and did not find it.

Transcribed from Natalie MacMaster’s “My Roots are Showing”.

Should be some B naturals in the second part….

Goes into G major a little bit in the second part, at least the way Natalie plays it.

Youtube clip

At about 2:27 on this video of an LP of Jean Carignan’s playing (and footwork!) there appears to be a version of this tune, though played the other way round - so the G minor bit that is posted here as the B section is played as the B section, and the B flat major implied in your A section is played as the B section. Either way, it’s stonkingly good!

I mean the G minor bit is played as the A section…


Does anyone know who composed this tune?

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There was no attribution back in the 18th century when it first appeared in print, so it’s probably best to put it down as “traditional”.

Jerry Holland plays this version. Seems like Natalie is jazzin’ it up a little. Which sounds awesome but is hardly as traditional…

Also appears in William Gunn’s 1848 collection as “Lowland Amusement” or “An obair nodha shasunnach” not sure of key.
T:Captain Keeler
[|ddfe ddaf|ddfd cAec|ddfe ddaf|ecAc dBBf:|
BBdB fBdB|AAcA eAcA|BBdB fBdB|ecAc dBBf|
BBdB fBdB|AAcA eAcA|ddfe ddaf|ecAc dBBf|