Two recordings of a tune named
Captain Keeler
With a tune named
The Braes Of Tulliemet

The Braes Of Tulliemet (strathspey) is also known as The Braes O’ Tulliemet, The Braes O’ Tullimet, The Braes O’ Tullymet, The Braes O’Tullymet, The Braes Of Tulimet, Braes Of Tulleymet, The Braes Of Tulleymet, The Braes Of Tullimet, Braes Of Tullymet, The Braes Of Tullymet.

Fiddler's Choice by Jerry Holland

  1. Miss Hutton’s
  2. The Braes Of Tullymet
  3. Miss Johnson Of Pitsworth
  4. Captain Keeler

The Fiddler And His Art by School Of Scottish Studies, University Of Edinburgh

  1. The Braes Of Tullymet
  2. Captain Keeler