The East Neuk O’ Fife hornpipe

Also known as East Neuk Of Fife, The East Neuk Of Fife, East Newk Of Fife, East Nuek Of Fyfe, The East Nuke Of Fife, East Of Neuk O’Fife, The High Level, The Maid Behind The Bar.

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I found this reel as a midi and I liked it so I decied to write it down to ABC. I know it’s related to “The New High Level” reel, but it was different enough (and longer) from it and from its variations in the comments section, so I decided to post it anyway. If anyone know about this reel, please share :¬)

Though I notice it was changed to a hornpipe after I submited it (°-°;) Oh, well…

The High Level Hornpipe

I know the first part as The East Neuk O’ Fife, and the second part as The Maid Behind the Bar.

3 tunes

What you have here is a medley of 3 tunes one after the other. The 2 identified by dmarie, followed by the “High Level” . I would think all 3 are in the tune lists already.

Jeremy, I know you’re very busy, but…


The last tune is Highlevel In Canada it is usually played in Bb


The High Level and new High level HOrnpipes (which other have pointed out are not the tunes originally posted) are Nortumbrian. They refer to the High Level bridge which is still a feature of the Newcastle & gateshead Skyline. it was built by Stephenson the younger and was an engineering miracle in its day. it has two levels and trains run over the top and road traffic goes through the middle. Its still in use though currently closed for refurbishment.

I am pretty sure that the new High level is James Hill’s but I’m not so sure about the original. i keep thinking Whinham but i may be misguided here.

One thing is sure, they are great tunes.

Angels of the North

The high level is James Hill’s and the new is Whinham I think.

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The East Neuk o’ Fife

The East Neuk o’ Fife was comosed by James Oswald (1711 - 1769) as “She gripped the Greatness o’t”. We play it as a nice rolling tune, not too fast, and we play a sharpened C in the third bar of the second part.

Played faster - as it generally is in sessions - it loses the rolling feel and it is usually called “Green Grow the Rashes”, a title which seems to be accorded to several different reels.

Re: The East Neuk O’ Fife

East neuk of Fife was published by Janes Oswald in 1740 but it was in manuscript in 1709. It’s safe to say if anything, all these other tunes sprang from The East Neuk of Fife. James Hill composed the High Level and he was born in 1811.

Re: The East Neuk O’ Fife

Gorgeous tune.

Re: The East Neuk O’ Fife

I just heard Winston Scottie Fitzgerald play it in reel time on a casual (probably reel to reel) recording. Yikes!!!
The man could play.