The Broken String reel

Also known as The Reel On The G String.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Broken String
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
cA (3AAA cded|BGGB gdBd|cA (3AAA cded|Bggf aged|
cA (3AAA cded|BGGB g2fg|af (3fff gfec|dfed BA^GB:|
|:c2 eA Acde|dggf gdBd|c3B cdec|Bggf aged|
c2eA Acde|dggf g2 fg|af (3fff gfec|Bggf aged:|
|:A2 cA eAcA|(3BBB gB aBgB|(3AAA Ac eAce|dBGA BA^GB|
A (3AAA c eAcA|(3BBB gB aBgB|af (3fff gfec|dfed BA^GB:|
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Four comments

There are a couple of stories behind this tune. On the fiddle it can be played an octave down, hence the name The Reel on the G String (there is another story behind this name but I won’t tell it just in case there are kiddies reading here!)

It was originally written an octave down, when I broke three e strings in 5 minutes, going through all my spares. But, in order for it to be other instrument friendly it got shifted up an octave by a flautist. When he shifted it up the octave he decided to change the name, as some fiddlers he taught it to pointed out that it doesn’t actually use the G string when it’s an octave up. So it’s now being played under two different names in several different places. Anyone who’s learnt it from me knows it as The Reel on the G String, anyone who’s learnt it from my friend or whoever he’s taught knows it as the Broken String. Great *rolls eyes*

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Well done Tricia
Great tune; if I heard it in a session I would never have guessed it to be of recent parentage. It sits nicely onthe mandolin so I presume that means it’s good to play on the fiddle.

Thanks Donough 🙂 this is one of my favourite of my tunes, maybe because yeah, it is fairly trad sounding, certainly not as ‘quirky’ as a lot of mine!

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Great tune

Did you intend this to be a bagpipe tune because it’s written in the right scale for the pipes. Whether that was intentional or not it sounds wicked! *starts learning*