Two recordings of
Paddy From Portlaw
The Blackthorn Stick

Paddy From Portlaw (jig) is also known as Brian Rooney’s, Frazer’s, The Godfather, Paddy From Portlow, The Thatched Cabin.

The Blackthorn Stick (jig) is also known as An Maide Draighin, Catholic Boys, The Coach Road To Sligo, Fire On The Mountains, The Humours Of Bantry, The Mail Coach Road To Sligo, The Robin’s Nest.

Celtic Ceili by Various Artists

  1. Paddy From Portlaw
  2. The Galbally
  3. The Blackthorn Stick

Donnybrook Fair by St. Peter's Ceili Band

  1. Paddy From Portlaw
  2. Gallbally Farmer
  3. Blackthorn Stick