The Plover’s Wing reel

Also known as When The Party’s Over.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Plover's Wing
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
Ad d2 edef | a2 fa bafd | Ad d2 edef | afed B2 dB |
Ad d2 edef | a2 fa bafd | Ad d2 fdaf |1 edBc d2 dB :|2 edBc d4 ||
ae e2 aebe | ae e2 gdeg | ae e2 aebe | gdeg gdeg |
ae e2 aebe | ae e2 gdeg | agbg ageg |1 gdeg gdeg :|2 gdeg gedB ||
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Plover’s Wing

I believe this is a lesser-known composition of Dave Richardson , and seem to remember it being recorded by "Touchstone".
I came across it on a tape a few days ago, played by a flute and whistle player I knew in the 70s/80s called Charlie McFadden, from Fife. Charlie’s not around anymore, but we had some good times together, so this is for him.

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When the party’s over

Brian Finnegan recorded this under the name "When the party’s over" on the album of the same name.

So he did….

Well spotted - I hadn’t made that connection.

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Re: The Plover’s Wing

Photos on the "Home Page" have been a bit static for a while, so I’ve posted a photo of Charlie from the late 1970s, playing with Jock Bolan on bouzouki in a Sandy Bell’s session. That’s yer genuine "Overton Low D" whistle there, can’t be that many of them still around. I bought one around the same time, for £6.50. Should have kept it, but the finger stretch was too much.

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