A Quiet Autumn jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: A Quiet Autumn
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
BFG d2B |edd d c/2B/2A|G2D GAE |EDD DEG|
BFG d2B |edd deg|ace b2g-| g (3efg fdB|
BFG d2B| edd d c/2B/2A|G2D GAE| EDD DEG|
BFG d2B |edd deg|afg efd |e B/2c/2d BcA|
Bcd f2B| cdf fee|ceg abb| b2a agf|
Bcd f2B| cdf fee|ace b2g-| g (3efg fdB|
Bcd f2B| cdf fee|ceg abb| b2a agf|
Bcd f2B| cdf fee|afg efd|e B/2c/2d BcA||

Five comments

This is a beautiful solo piece for both flute and fiddle. Written by Sarah Allen, I believe.


I’m working on learning this one and the tune that comes before it on Flatfish. Both are lovely tunes. This one in particular, though, is really highlighting my faulty breath management skills! All the notes are so lovely…can’t figure out which ones to drop!

Re: A Quiet Autumn

The key signature should be Bmin, with a C#, shouldn’t it ?

Re: A Quiet Autumn

Just been listening to Flook’s set Bruno in which this is the second tune - it’s a strongly G centred tune and I can only hear C naturals. Mandolala’s transcription is pretty accurate IMHO.

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Re: A Quiet Autumn

I agree, it’s G. However, the B part kind of starts off in Bm but the C is still natural. I’d still call it a G tune.