Hot Punch jig

Also known as Orange And Blue.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Hot Punch
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
a/zg/|f2d dcd|B2d Azd|f2d faf|d2z def|g2e ede|
cze e2d|c2A cec|A2z a2g|f2d dcd|B2d Azd|f2d faf|
d2z def|add gcc|fBB e2f|cee ABc|d3 z2a/g/|f2a aga|
f2a a2z/g/|f2d faf|d2z def|gze ede|cze e2d|
c2A cec|A3 z2a/g/|f2a aga|f2a a2z/g/|f2d faf|
d2z def|add gcc|fBB e2f|cee ABc|d3||
X: 2
T: Hot Punch
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
a/g/|f2 d dcd|B2 d A2 d|f2 d faf|d3 def|
g2 e e^de|c2 e e2 d|c2 A cec|A3 a2 g|
f2 d dcd|B2 d A2 d|f2 d faf|d3 dfg|
afa geg|fdf e2 d|cec ABc|d3 a2 g||
f2 a a^ga|f2 a d2 a|f2 d faf|d3 def|
g2 b b^ab|g2 b e2 b|g2 e gbg|e3 a2 g|
f2a a^ga|f2 a d2 a|f2 d faf|d3 dfg|
afa geg|fdf e2 d|cec ABc|d3d2||

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Hot Punch

This is a tune I like to play on the mandolin but learnt from a whistler’s tune book years ago. It’s a bright and lively Scottish jig. I have heard at least one variation of the tune but this is the one I know.

I’m not sure if the rests were in the version I learned originally or something that’s crept into my playing but I like them anyway as they give the jig a nice ‘catch’ in places. I guess you could fill them by lengthening the previous note if you don’t like them.

Surprised it’s not already here.

Yes, this is more or less as I remember learning it. As you can see, it’s on the Russell’s House album and it was actually Simon Bradley(also known for playing with Luke Plumb and Llan de Cubel) the fiddler in the band who taught me the tune at his class about ten years ago. How time flies!

Unless it’s hiding

I know it is surprising that it’s not here but I did check several times just to make sure.

Actually, I was looking for a simple tune as my first stab at transcribing into ABC and starting to contribute a bit more meaningfully to The Session, so I did a check on some of the one I thought would be easy to transcribe from memory. There are one or two other ‘obvious’ tunes in this category that are missing, so watch this space 🙂

Hot Punch

Poularised on the accordion by Bob Cann and then the melodeon by Dan Quinn & Flowers & Frolics

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Orange and Blue

This tune is in Kerr’s Collections called "Orange and Blue", and also appears there as a Highland Schottische under the same name. Great tune.

Re: Hot Punch

This tune looks to be a Piping Jig.

Re: Hot Punch