Sara’s reel

Also known as Sarah’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Sara's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
G2AG FDD2|G2Bd edef|g2fd edBG|ABcA FDD2|
G2AG FDD2|G2Bd edef|g2fd edBG|AGFA G3z:|
gggd edBd|eaag fdd2|fade ((3fed) ef|gbag fdef|
g2gd edBG|ABcA FDD2|gggd edBG|AGFA G3z:|

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Sara’s Reel

From the CD by Hammy Hamilton " The Moneymusk ".

Any idea if this is another original from Hammy Hamilton.

Sarah’s Reel

Yeah, it’s another of H. Hamilton’s original compositions.

Re: Sara’s (reel) composed by Hammy Hamilton, or a pre-1950 tune?

If this is a composition by Hammy, how come it gets a link from
(which is "The Bunch Of Keys: The Complete Recordings Of Johnny Doran", and he died on 19 January 1950) ?

The tune is there called "Coppers and Brass", which is not mentioned above as an alternative name for this tune.
I only ask, as both sets of info are from reliable sources (slainte, ceoloachan), but can both be right?

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Re: Sara’s

Maybe Sara’s/Sarah’s was once an alternative title to Coppers and Brass and got linked that way… (strange, as Sara’s is a reel…). I cross-checked with and it’s the old Coppers and Brass.

Re: Sara’s

Thanks, yes could be. And I just checked the liner notes of my Hammy Hamilton ‘Moneymusk" cassette and yes, it is one of his own compositions (sorry, should have done that in the first place). And doubtless everything ceolachan said was right also, of course.
Just missing some evidence about why Copper and Brass (reel) is still linking to "Sarah’s" (jig)(Hammy’s spelling has the h in Sarah).

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Re: Sara’s

I changed it after listening to the actual tune played on the Johnny Doran album. As simple as that.

Re: Sara’s

Fair enough, thanks again

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