Three recordings of
The Glen Of Aherlow
John Brennan’s

The Glen Of Aherlow (reel) is also known as The Crane’s Leg, The Girl I Left Behind, The Glenn Of Aherlow, The Glens Of Aherlow, Lafferty’s, Lafferty’s Favourite, The Maid I Never Forgot, Mary’s Favourite, Reddican’s, Rediggan’s, Ríl Uí Laithbheartaigh, The Woman I Left Behind Me, The Woman I Never Forgot.

John Brennan’s (reel) is also known as Brennan’s, Brennan’s Fancy, John Brennan From Sligo, John Brennan’s, John Brennan’s Favourite, Molloy’s Favourite, Sherlock’s.

19P by Dennis Botzer And Patrick Cavanagh

  1. John Brennan’s
  2. Lafferty’s

Against The Storm by Johnny Cunningham And Phil Cunningham

  1. The Glens Of Aherlow
  2. Father Kelly No.1
  3. John Brennan’s
  4. Ril Bheara

Are You The Concertina Player? by Kate McNamara

  1. John Brennan’s
  2. Pauline’s Place
  3. The Glen Of Aherlow