Jackson’s Return hornpipe

Also known as Jackson’s Return March.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Jackson's Return
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
(3ABc|:d2 D2 D3 E|FA F2 D3 E|F2 A2 AG F2|G2 E2 E2(3ABc|
d2 D2 D3 E|FA F2 D3 E|F2 A2 AG F2|E4 D4:|
dcd2 edef|gf ef d2A2|BcdB A2 F2|G2 E2 E2 D2|
dcd2 edef|gf ef d2A2|BcdB A2 F2|E4 D4:|

Four comments

Although I have this in a a Hornpipe, this is because there is no March category.
This is the first March in Gary Hasting’s excellent book "with Fife and Drum".
It is apparently one of the first tunes that the new Fifers would learn.
To get the tempo right I was told by an experienced Fifer that you don’t ‘March’ to these tunes, but rather you ‘DANDER’, so think of it as more of a purposeful amble, than a March!


Quick! Before the sheet music is created - shouldn’t all of the Cs be high cs? All of those octave jumps seem really strange and awkward. Of course, I don’t actually know the tune - I’m just guessing - but it looks weird.

Another reason I think it’s a typo is that I don’t think a fife can play the C# below D.

Sorry Gary - & thanks.
I don’t have abc on this borrowed PC so can’t actually listen to it being played back!
I just assumed that the high notes started at d, not c!
Not had much experience of posting tunes, must check my other ones!