Two recordings of
Larry O’Gaff’s
Father O’Flynn

Larry O’Gaff’s (jig) is also known as Bundle And Go, Dan O’Connell’s, Daniel O’Connell, Daniel O’Connell’s, Gigue De La Debauche, Larry O Gaffe, Larry O’Gaff, Larry O’Gaffe, Larry O’Gaffe’s, Larry O’Graff, Making Babies By Steam, Making Babies By The Stream, Poteen, The Squid Jiggin’ Ground.

Father O’Flynn (jig) is also known as At The Top Of Cork Road, At The Top Of The Cork Road, Father O Flynn, Father O’Flynn’s, Fr. O’Flynn, Lasses Of Scotland, On The Top Of Cork Road, The Rollicking Irishman, Ten Penny Bit, The Top Of Cork Road, The Top Of The Cork Road, The Yorkshire Lasses.

A Chapter in History: 30 Years of Joe 'Banjo' Burke, Live. Volume II: Live from Eagle Tavern. by Joe Burke

  1. Larry O’Gaff’s
  2. Father O’Flynn
  3. Patrick Jack Walsh

Rattle The Boards by Rattle The Boards

  1. Father O’Flynn
  2. Jacksons Jug Of Brandy
  3. Larry O Gaffe