Kelly’s The Boy From Killane hornpipe

Also known as Boy From Killane, The Boy From Killane, John Kelly The Boy From Killane, John Kelly, The Boy From Killane, Kelly The Boy From Killane, Kelly The Boy From Killann, Kelly, The Boy From Killane, The Killane March.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Kelly's The Boy From Killane
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
GB|:d2 dd g2 ge|d2 BG E2 GA|B2 AB dBAF|G4 G2 GB|
d2 dd g2 ge|d2 BG E2 GA|B2 AB dBAF|1 G4 G2 GB:|2 G4 G2 dd||
e2 cc g2 ge|d2 ge d2 dd|e2 cc g2 ge|d4 d2 GB|
d2 dd g2 ge|d2 BG E2 GA|B2 AB dBAF|1 G4 G2 dd:|2 G4 G4||

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Kelly’s the Boy from Killane

This is tune No. 52 from Gary Hasting’s book ‘with Fife and Drum’.
I’m not sure why the 3rd last note in the 7th & 15th bar is a b, instead of a c#.
Is c# a problem for Fife’s I wonder?

Kelly the Boy from Killann

This is a march - one of the Wexford marches associated with the 1798 rising etc. Killann is a small village inland from Enniscorthy. Don’t know off the top of my head who Kelly was but presumably he was up in arms agin the yeomanry back in them times. All the kids round here learn it as a starter tune on the whistle.

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Goodness Ptarmigan, you into the Gary Hastings collection these days - I see you posted The Wearing of the Green the other day etc. Curious though, both these tunes would be associated with the nationalist tradition, I would have thought. Whereas I thought Gary’s book ‘Fife & Drum’ is primarily associated with Orange music?? Mind you, the rising of 1798 was a very different time and the United Irishmen of the time were just that - both Catholic, Protestant and Dissenter! Now, I appreciate that music crosses all boundaries and draws from the same sources but recent history tinges our perceptions.

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Captain John Kelly of Killanne

I quote from the booklet ‘1798 Rebellion’ by P.A. Donohoe, which tends to be a bit OTT. “The giant with the gold curling hair, 7ft 3inches, aged 23 during the Rebellion of ‘98. Very handsome. Fair complexion and wore his auburn hair long and flowing in curls to his shoulders. The noble qualities of this hero corresponded with the beauty of his person….. drew up battle plans for the taking of New Ross … badly wounded at Ross and later taken to Wexford Bridge where he was executed …. a soldier seen carrying the severed head by its long hair, swinging it as he marched. On reaching the market place he stuck it on a pike where it was exhibited for days. Finally the head was taken down … and kicked about like a football on Wexford’s Quayside by the brutal Orange mob”!!! Just thought you’d like to know of his sticky end - there’s lots more where that came from. Captain John Kelly is buried at Killanne graveyard at the foot of The Blackstairs.

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Yes Hussar, a glance through the tune section of Gary’s book will demonstrate the amasing number of tunes shared by both the Orange Fife & Flute men & ITT enthusiasts.

Surely all tunes originating on this island and/or tunes adopted & adapted by Orange or ITT players are up for grabs.

I think these tunes are great & have really enjoyed working my way through this book of tunes.
As anyone else who has heard the likes of Harry or Gary or Dessie playing these tunes will know, they are wonderful tunes, well worth adding to anyone’s reportoire.

To be honest, I can’t quite get my head around the Lambeg! But the Fife tunes are BRAW!

I plan on adding many more tunes from Gary’s book to this site.


While I share your liking for these tunes, Ptarmigan, I don’t think you should post too many of them, because I’m sure Gary would rather we all bought his book ! You could be in trouble if you post more than half -a-dozen., so ca’ canny, ma freen.

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Paul foot

just to say that i believe this to have been the favourite of the late and much missed journalist,paul foot.