The Morning Star hornpipe

Also known as The Tide Coming In.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Morning Star
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
BABG E2 FG|ABAF D2 GA|BABG EF (3GFE|1 D2 G2 G3 A:|2 D2 G2 G4||
BABd efge|dcBA G2 GA|BABd efge|f2 d2 d4|
BABd efge|dcBA G2 GA|BABG EF (3GFE|D2 G2 G4||
X: 2
T: The Morning Star
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
||GA|"G"B>A BG "C"E2 FG|"D"A>B AF D2 GA|"EM"B>A BG "C"EF GE|"G"D2 G2 G2 GA|
"G"B>A BG "C"E2 FG|"D"A>B AF D2 GA|"Em"B>A BG "C"EF (3GFE|"G" D2 G2 G3 A|
"G"B>A Bd "C"ef ge|"G"dc BA G3 A|"G"B>A Bd "C"ef ge|"D"f2 d2 d3 B|
"C"c>B cd ef ge|"G"dc BA G3 A|"Em"B>A BG "C"EF (3GFE|"G"D2 G2 G2||

Seven comments

The Morning Star

This tune is No. 26 in Gary Hasting’s book ‘with Fife and Drum’ & is played by Fifers as a Hornpipe.

It is clearly taken from the Reel of the same name.

I’m pretty sure all those “Recordings of this tune” are of the Reel version, not this Hornpipe one!

I can’t quite hear the connection with the reel. It’s a lovely tune, anyway. I wouldn’t like to speculate as to its true origins, but it’s played in England as a morris tune.

The Morning Star

The reel and the hornpipe are obviously the “same” tune, but surely the reel derives from the hornpipe rather than the other way round. The melody of the hornpipe is quite well-developed, whereas that of the reel seems “trimmed-down”.
I’d guess that all the “Recordings of this tune” are of the reel version - the list there looks pretty much the same. The hornpipe version seems to have been quite common among traditional players in England (and Wales - Bowen’s book of hornpipes from Welsh sources has am early 19th century version), but the B music was usually simpler than the printed version, with its hint of modulation (William Kimber’s version, which he called “Double Lead Through”, presumably after a figure in a dance, is particularly idiosyncratic). In fact, I don’t think I know of ANY Irish sightings of the hornpipe version.

The introductory notes sound just like:
‘Oh me name it is Sam Hall’.

Morning Star

As a belated rider to my previous note I see that “Allen’s” calls this tune a hornpipe.

The Morning Star, X:2

Another march setting of this tune. It goes with The Star (hornpipe) and The Barred galaxy to make an astronomical set for dancing.