La Petite Valse Francaise waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: La Petite Valse Francaise
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
cd|e2d2c2|B2A2c2|B6|B4 cd|e2d2c2|B2A2c2|
B6|B4 cB|c2d2e2|a6|a2f2e2|
d2e2f2|e2d2c2|B2c2A2|e6|e4 cd|e2d2c2|
B2A2c2|B6|B4 cB|c2d2e2|_b2a2e2|
f6|f4 fg|a2g2f2|e2d2 df|e2c2B2|
A2B2c2|B3 B B2|B2c2B2|A6|A4 A,2||
|:D3 F ED|A,4 AB|[M:6/8] cBA dcB|cBA GFE|
[M:3/4]D3 F ED|A,4 AB|[M:6/8]cBA dcB|1 [M:3/4]A4 A,2:|2 [M:3/4] A4 de||
|:f2 ef ed|_B4 de|f2 gf ed|^c4 de|
f2 ef ed|_B4 de|f2 gf e^c|1 d4 de:|2 d4 cd||

Two comments

La Petite Valse Francaise

I had been seeking “the notes” for this tune, and was interested to find it here. On examination,however, the second half, B tune, is not La Petite Valse at all. It is, instead, a rather smoothed out version of Les Poules Huppees (Crested Hens), a bourree composed by French hurdy gurdy player Gilles Chabenat in 1983. I find the combination interesting, as it is exactly the one performed and recorded by the English trio “Eric” in the 1980s in a performance at Sidmouth Folk Festival. (The group comprised Ralph Jordan , Colin Thompson and Nigel Chippindale). The recording of the piece was included in the compilation CD “Anglo International” and the concertina part was mistakenly attributed to the playing of Nigel Chippindale, although it was actually performed by Ralph on Maccann duet concertina.