I Schottische Lan Yr Wyddfa barndance

Also known as To Schottische Up Mount Snowdon.

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One setting

X: 1
T: I Schottische Lan Yr Wyddfa
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: f>a |b>a^g>a f2 d>f | a>gf<g B2 e>d | c>dB>c A>ce>g | b<a^g>a f2 d>f |
b>a^g>a f2 (3def | a>gf>g B2 (3fed | c<dB>c A<ce>c | d2 f2 d2 :|
|:(3BAG |F>Ad>A F>Ad>f | a>gf<g B3 d | c>dB>c A>ce>g | b>a^g<a f>dA>G |
F>A d2 (3FGA d2 | a<gf>g B>fe>d | c>dB>c A>ce<c | d2 f2 d2 :|
|: (3fga |b>a^g>a f2 d>f | a>gf<g B3 d | c>dB>c A>ce>g | b<a^ga f>d (3Adf |
b<a^g>a f2 (3def | a>gf<g B2 (3fed | c<dB>c A<ce>c | d2 f2 d2 :|
|: A>G |F>Ad>A F>Ad>f | a>gf>g B>ee>d | c>ea>e (3cde a>^g | b>a^g>a f2 (3BAG |
(3FGA d>A (3FGA d>f | a<gf>g B>ba>g | f>de>c (3ABc e>c | d2 A2 D2 :|
K: G Maj
|: (3GB/c/d |e>d^c>d B2 (3GAB | d>cB>c E2 A>G | (3FGA E>F (3DEF A>c | e>d^c>d B2 (3GBd |
(3efe d>c B2 G>B | (3ded c>A E4 | F>A (3EFG D>F (3AGF | G2 g2 G2 :|
|: d>c |B>DG>D (3Bcd G>B | d>cB>c E>AA>G | F>Ad>A (3FGA d>^c | e>d^c>d B3 G |
D>G (3BAG D2 (3GAB | d>cB>c E2 A2 | (3FGA (3EFG (3DEF (3AGF | G2 (3ggg G2 :|

Six comments

I’m not sure where this one came from but it was upon me under the shadow of Cymru’s/Wale’s highest mountain ‘Yr Wyddfa’, a lovely place in all ways including the whole of Eryri / Snowdonia. It was a musical moment and a lot of tunes were flying about with the wind, rain, sleet and snow and this flew in. I suspect I kicked up a fuss too, in the way of mud where I was schottisching along… I could have called it the Splish Splash Schottische, but held back. I didn’t want to leave it as another gan ainm. If anyone knows it by another name, or if it reveals itself out of the depths of the soup of my own memory and notes I’ll return and make the corrections. However it came on me, it was and is good ‘kick’…’lot o hwyl’ / lots of fun…not to be taken seriously except by the very desperate.


Oh yes, I’ve given a few simple variations and two keys for it… Sometimes I grumble, including with this tune, taking it down into the lower depths of pitch…

Sorry, just in case someone might be interested in this, I almost forgot to give pronunciation guides.

"I" = ee


"Lan" = pretty much as is is, ‘land’ minus the ‘d’.

"Yr" = uhrrr ~ rolling the ‘r’ if you can.

"Wy-" = ooee, sort of, not quite the ‘oi’ in oil, as the ‘o’ is longer, sort of like ‘ooh’ before "I’d love one of those."
"-dd-" = the double ‘d’ in Welsh is like the ‘th’ in the, aspirated, which means your vocal chord rattles, rather than the unaspirated ‘th’ in ‘bath’ or ‘pith’
"-fa" = ‘f’ = ‘v’ ~ and that last bit, ‘fa’, is basically ‘vuh’ or ‘vah’…

"ee ‘schottische’ lan uhrrr oithfa"

Oops! ~ oith’v’a… I must have been sleeping…a single ‘f’ in Welsh is the equivalent of ‘v’ in English…while a double ‘ff’ is an ‘f’…

And the double ‘dd’ is equivalent to the English ‘th’ ~ voiced as in ‘the’, ‘these’, ‘them’…

Am I seeing stereo? ~ Yes, I said it already previously, but then had the slip of writing the final bit as ~

"ee ‘schottische’ lan uhrrr oithfa" ~ which should have ended ‘oithva’ ~ oo-ee-vay!!! 😏