Branohm reel

By Máire Breatnach

Also known as Máire Breathnach’s #2, Máire Breatnach’s #2, The Turning Of The Tide.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Branohm
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
c2Bc AGED|CDEF GABc|dBBB BcBA|1 GEDB, A,2AB:|2 GEDB, A,2z2||
|:c3 B ABcd|eAce g2fg|eaaa agea|gedB BAAB|
c2Bc ABcd|eAce g2ga|bagb agea|gedB BAAB:|

Ten comments

This is the second of the two ‘Branohm’ tunes by Maire Breathnach, and my favourite of them - I suspect this is the one that Netallica was after. I seem to remember hearing it on a Solas album played after ‘The Flowing Bowl’, which I think is already in The Session. Excuse my inarticulacy, but the first part reminds me of little waves lapping a sandy beach.

Your memory serves you well David. This tune is labeled “Maire Breathnach’s #1” on Solas’ self-titled cd. It’s the second tune on the first track, indeed after The Flowing Bowl and followed by the Doon and The Mason’s Men.

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Yes, that’s the tune! thank you, David! 🙂)))))))))))))))))))))))))

Great tune

Branohm is so far my favourite tune, and it fits perfectly on the guitar.
p.s.- I play the the same sesion as netallica.

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Bowing pattern?

anybody got a decent bowing pattern for the first few bars of this tune, especially the ascending scale-y part in the second measure? No matter what I try, it always feels awkward, and I am loathe to simply play that phrase u-d-u…

the 1st part is nice in mixolydian as well.

Cool tune– symetrical– the A part descends in dorian; the B ascends in mixolydian. A real stomper.

if you wanna hear this played solo, email me– I have Vancouver local Jenny playing it on banjo, as well as the Solas version.

Good man, Kenny!