Three recordings of
Lord McDonald’s
The Chattering Magpie

Lord McDonald’s (reel) is also known as Leather Breeches, Little Peggy, Lord MacDonald, Lord MacDonald’s, Lord McDonagh, Lord McDonald, Lord McDonnell’s.

The Chattering Magpie (reel) is also known as An Mheaig Chabach, The Chattering Magpie, The Chattering Magpies, The Gun In The Thatch.

Between the Jigs and Reels: A Retrospective by Planxty

  1. The Scholar
  2. The Chattering Magpie
  3. Lord McDonald’s
  4. The Virginia
  5. Callaghan’s

Live at the Olympia by Planxty

  1. Chattering Magpie
  2. Lord McDonald

The High Kings Of Tara by Planxty And Various Artists

  1. Lord McDonald
  2. The Chattering Magpie