Jenny Bell polka

Also known as The Jenny Bell, The St Lawrence.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Jenny Bell
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
E/F/|:Gg e/d/c/B/|dG G/F/G|AD FD|G/A/B/c/ d2|
Gg e/d/c/B/|dG G/F/G|DF/A/ dF|1 GG GE/F/:|2 GG GB/c/||
|:d/^c/d/e/ d2|d/g/B G/B/D|c/B/c/d/ c2|c/e/A F/A/D|
d/^c/d/e/ d2|d/g/B G/B/D|DF/A/ dF|1 GG GB/c/:|2 GG Ge/f/||
|:gf ed|cB AG|G/B/d/g/ gf|F/A/c/e/ ed|
gf ed|cB AG|DF/A/ dF|1 GG Ge/f/:|2 GG G||

Two comments

Source: The High Level Ranters

Re: St Lawrence Jig

The tune here is not the ‘St Lawrence Jig’; it’s the ‘Jenny Bell Polka’ from Northern England
The ‘St Lawrence Jig’ is a Quebec/New England tune.

T:St. Lawrence
ABA FAd|f2d A2d|c2B G2B|B2A F2G|
ABA FAd|f2d A2d|cec ABc|d3 d3:|
|:a2g B2g|g2f A2d|cde ABc|dcB A2f|
a2g B2g|g2f A2d|d2c cBc|d3 d3:|

Example played here:

There are a number of other playings of the tune on YouTube