Joanie’s mazurka

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Joanie's
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: D>G |B>d B>G D>G | B>d B>G D>F | A>c A>F (3DEF | G>F G>E D>G |
B2 B>G D>G | (3Bcd B>G D>F | A>c A>F D>F | G2 G2 :|
|: g>f |e>E [C3/c3/]E/ e>^c | d>D [G,3/G3/]D/ [B,3/B3/]D/ | [C3/c3/]D/ [A,3/A3/]D/ F>A | B>^A B>c d>g |
(3efe [C3/c3/]E/ e>^c | d>D [G,3/G3/]D/ [B,3/B3/]D/ | ^c>d e>=c (3DEF | G2 G2 :|
X: 2
T: Joanie's
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|: D2 |B<d B>G D>G | B>d B>G D>F | A>c A<F (3DEF | G>F G>E D<G |
(3Bcd B>G D>G | (3Bcd B<G (3DEF | A>c (3AGF (3DEF | G2 G2 :|
|: g2 |e2 c>E e>^c | d2 G>D B>D | c2 A>D (3FGA | B>^A B>c d<g |
e>E c>E e>^c | d>D G>D B>D | ^c<d e2 (3DEF | G2 g2 :|

Four comments

"Joanie’s Mazurka"

I was working on a particular wedding march, including ‘drones’, and writing it out for submission here, when this thing came on me but wouldn’t sit still. The first part is familiar but the second kept going la-la and has ended up somehow ‘marked’ by my madness. The second time through is notated for folks who cannot dip below the ‘D’, which out of respect includes the person the tune is named for. Actually, on some of here instruments she could, but I just know she will want to play this on winds, whistle or flute, so I’ve given it the second time without the low dips, an alternate take.

I’ve had a lot of fun with this one and gone all over the place with it. I’ve also thrown in a few simple variations, like options for ‘snapping’ it… I hope someone out there also likes it, and I hope Joanie will like it too…

I don’t believe this. I’d been away and just started backlogging after putting this tune up, to play through what I’d missed, and I came across this:

Talk about obvious inspiration. Definitely one I used to play, way back when. ‘Joanie’s’ and the mazurka the above link leads to have basically the same first part. On site here they have called it ‘Mazurka La Pleau’, but I’m sure I’d had it by another name. I’ll have to see if I can find more and contribute the notation I have for it here somewhere, and the other name.

What a kick. The above comes to mind, which I’ve named ‘Joanie’s’ basically because I couldn’t settle on the right second part, and the first part wouldn’t leave me alone. Then, after contributing it I play through the recent contributions and discover the thing ‘half’ haunting me had been put on site and recently. The world is a wonderously magic place, and one of the best spells to be under the influence of is music…


Oops! ~ ABCs corrected, I let one low ‘C’ slip through for the second time through but didn’t change it fast enough to beat the sheetmusic. What the midi does to it the first time through, the low madness, is quirky. It’s fun double stopping it and using drones as I was doing with the before mentioned march…


This tune could be a test for several problems - play it for the subject and if they don’t dance or smile, the diagnosis is pretty clear.