Teelin Bay waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Teelin Bay
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
DF|GF G2B2|d4gf|ef g3e|
dB G2gf|ef g3e|dB G2AB|cB d2D2|E4DF|GF G2B2|d4gf|
ef g3f/2e/2|dB G2gf|ef g3e|dB G2c2|BA G2F2|G6-|G4:|
fg|af d2g"^III"b|c'a f2fb|c'b d'2b2|
a4fg|af d2c'2|b"^I"g c2b2|ag e2c2|
A4fg|af d2ga|"^III"b"^V"d' e'3d'|e'd' g'2"^III"b2|
d'4"^III"ab|c'b a2"^I"g2|e6-|e4AB|
cB AG EC|(D6|d4)DF|GF G2B2|d4gf|ef g3e|
dB G2gf|ef g3e|dB G2AB|cB d2D2|E4DF|GF G2B2|
d4gf|ef g2fe|dB G2gf|ef g2ge|dB G2c2|BA G2FG|G6-|G4|]

Five comments

Teelin Bay Waltz - Peter Ostroushko

Answering a request by hipfipple last Sept. 10th. This is a lovely waltz by Peter Ostroushko from his CD "Coming Down from Red Lodge," written after his visit to Teelin Bay, Co. Donegal. Difficult to play on the fiddle due to its high range - up to the 5th position on the e string! I heard Peter play it live on The Prairie Home Companion and he had a bit of a problem on the high notes, but it is well polished on the CD recording.

transcribed by Stewart Hendrickson

Tempo - slow

Should be much slower than the ABC or midi file plays it, about 1/4 = 80

Teelin Bay Waltz

Thank you, Stewart. I heard the above recording on a folk radio station and have been looking for it since!

Accompaniment ?

Does anyone have the accompaniment the this piece? I would love to be able to play it at a recital this winter, but I don’t feel comfortable playing it solo. 🙁

I love this piece! So beautiful and haunting!