Two recordings of
The Foxhunter
The Banshee

The Foxhunter (reel) is also known as Fiagaí An Mhadra Rua, The Fox Chase, Fox Hunter’s, The Fox Hunter, Fox Hunters, The Fox-Chase, Foxhunter’s, The Foxhunter’s, Foxhunters, The Foxhunters’, The Foxhunters, Sealgaire An TSionnaigh.

The Banshee (reel) is also known as Around The World, The Bansee, Bean An Mullóga Sióg, The Bean Si, Bean Sidhe, James McMahon’s, Kilcavan Banks, The Kilcavan Banks, MacMahon’s, McMahon’s, McMahon’s #3, Miss McMahon’s, Moyasta Junction, The Moyasta.

Sounds of St Andrews by Patrick Madden and Friends

  1. The Banshee
  2. College Groves
  3. Foxhunters

WhirlyGig by WhirlyGig

  1. The Foxhunter’s
  2. The Banshee
  3. The Foxhunter’s