Shooting slip jig

Also known as Beaux Of London, Beaux Of London City, The Beaux Of London City, The Beaux Of London, Shooters.

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Ostensibly an English slip jig,but I think it’s origins could lie in Ireland.


Its a Morris tune

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Beaux of London City

The ‘official’ title of an Adderbury morris dance . . . AKA Shooters

“The Beaux of London City” / “Shooting” ~ 9/8 Morris Dance Tune

The version given by Dafydd here is straight. It is basically the same tune I’ve given below with differences, but their relationship can be seen and heard in what they share. This was pulled up from a favoured resource, Andrew Kuntz’s “The Fiddler’s Companion” to offer another version of “The Beaux of London City” with some of the peculiarities of swing that are identified with it and that carry it and the dance. For easier comparison with the version given here I’ve tranposed that version note for note up a step from F to G Major:

K: G Major
|: D |
G>GG B>AG B<dD | G2 G B2 A G2 D |
G>GG B>AG B<dD | G>DG B2 A G2 :|
|: z |
d2 c BAG B d2 | A2 G A2 B c3 |
d2 c BAG B<dD | G>DG B2 A G2 :|

Here’s a link to another take on the music in G and a written description of the accompanying Morris dance. That swing and snap is included in their transcription:

The Beaux of London City (X:2)

A tune occasionally played at the Golden Guinea pub session, Bristol (UK).

The Beaux of London City is a Cotswold morris dance tune, from the village of Adderbury, Oxfordshire. Originally collected in FMaj, but in modern times normally played in GMaj. One of the few (or possibly the only) Cotswold morris dance tunes in 9/8 time.

Other versions of this tune exist (a) from the village of Badby and (b) from the village of Hinton-in-the-Hedges, where it is known as “Shooting.”