One recording of
The Banks Of Inverness
The Rose Tree

The Banks Of Inverness (polka) is also known as Asailín Ag Seáinín, The Banks Of Enverness, Salmon Tails Up The River, Salmon Tails Up The Water, The Siege Of Ennis, The Walls Of Limerick.

The Rose Tree (polka) is also known as Bhiosa La I BPort Lairge, Cups And Saucers, False Knight On The Road, The False Knight On The Road, I’ll Cloot My Johnny’s Breeches, Let’s Pet The Pope, Lilted March, Little May Cullinane, Moore’s Favourite, Nancy Hogan’s Goose, O, I Courted A Farmer’s Daughter, The Old Lea Rig, Paddy’s Land, Port Lairgè, Portlairge, Ril Tawe.

Popular Céilí Dances Vol 1 by Sean Quinn Band

  1. The Rose Tree
  2. The Walls Of Limerick
  3. The Rose Tree (Repeated)
  4. The Walls Of Limerick (Repeated)