One recording of
Pet Of The Pipers
The Bridal

Pet Of The Pipers (jig) is also known as Doherty’s Fancy, Dougherty’s, The Humours Of Ballinafad, Kip’s, Kips, Nyanza Indian Bay, Pet O’ The Pipers, Pet Of The Piper’s, The Pet Of The Pipers, Pet Of The Pipes.

The Bridal (jig) is also known as The Bridal, Clancy’s Favourite, The Humours Of Quarry Cross, Jackson’s Wife At The Road, Jackson’s Wife To The Road, Kennedy’s Bridal, The Leinster Lasses, The Priest’s Leap, Quarry Cross.

Oldtime Records Vol 2 (U.S. Recordings) by Various Artists

  1. The Humours of Ballinafad
  2. McPaddin’s Favourite