Three recordings of
Pet Of The Pipers
Biddy The Bold

Pet Of The Pipers (jig) is also known as Doherty’s Fancy, Dougherty’s, The Humours Of Ballinafad, Kip’s, Kips, Nyanza Indian Bay, Pet O’ The Pipers, Pet Of The Piper’s, The Pet Of The Pipers, Pet Of The Pipes.

Biddy The Bold (jig) is also known as Bangor Regatta, The Bangor Regatta, Biddy The Bold Wife, Biddy The Boul Wife, Biddy The Bould Wife, Biddy The Bowl Wife.

Buntús Rince by Donegore Tradition

  1. Biddy The Bold Wife
  2. Tobin’s Favourite
  3. Tell Her I Am
  4. Doherty’s Fancy

Celtic Fiddle - 60 Traditional Favourites by Levine Andrade, Kieran Barry & Mike Stanley

  1. Biddy The Bold Wife
  2. The Pet Of The Pipers
  3. Garry Owen

The Pipers' Gathering 2015 Concert Series, Vol. 2 by Piper's Gathering

  1. The Blackthorn Stick
  2. Biddy The Bold Wife
  3. Lamb Skinnet
  4. Dingle Regatta
  5. Saddle The Pony
  6. Pet O’ The Pipers