Lady Boildespudswell barndance

Also known as Lady Boildespudswell’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Lady Boildespudswell
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:F>G^G>A d>AF>A|G>B (3BBB B2 B>=c|c>A (3AAA e>Ac>e|d>f (3fff f2 A>G|
F>G^G>A d>AF>A|G>B (3BBB B2 B>=c|c>A (3AAA e>Ac>e|1d2f2d2 A>G:|2d2f2d2 A>^A||
|:B2g2z2 B>=c|c2a2z2 B>=c|c2a2B2g2|f>ef>g f2 A>^A|
B2g2z2B>=c|c2a4 f>g|a>^ga>b a>=gf>e|1d2f2d2 A>^A:|2d2f2d2 d=c||
B2G2 G>FG>^G|A2E4 E>^E|F2d4 d>c|B2G4 d>c|
B2G2 G>FG>^G|A2E4 E>^E|F>AD>F d>AF>A|1G2B2G2 d>c:|2G2B2G A>G||

Four comments

Lady Boildespudswell

Composed by me,title from Spike Milligan.

In A major, isn’t it? Nice one.

Yes,and also in the last new mode from Paris.

Lady whotsit

Where’s the bit that goes "Ying-tong ying-tong ying-tong ying-tong, ying-tong iddle-eye-po" ?