My Ballingarry Lady waltz

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Three settings

X: 1
T: My Ballingarry Lady
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:E/F/G |A2 d2 dA | B2 d2 (3dcB | (3ABc df ab | a3 f ga |
gf ef ge | fe df ed | B2 e2 ed | ce Be cB |
A2 d2 dA | B2 d2 (3dcB | (3ABc df ab | a3 f ga |
gf ef ge | fe dc B2 |A 2 f2 fe |d4:|
|:e/f/g | a2 af df | e>d ce dB | A>G (3FGA df | e3 d ef |
gf eg fe | fe df ed | B2 e2 ed | c>d ef (3gfe |
a2 af df | e>d ce dB | A>G (3FGA dc | B4 AG |
(3FGA df af | ed ce dc | A2 f2 fe |d4 :|
# Added .
X: 2
T: My Ballingarry Lady
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
F(G|"D" .A2) {e}.d2 dA |"G" .B/2(B/2B d2) .d/2.c/2(B |"D" A)(B d)f a(b |"D" .a3) d fa|
|"G"{a}gf e(g f)e |"D" (fe) d(f e)d | "Em" .B/2(B/2B e2){f}.e/2.f/2d | "A7" c(e B)(e _B)=B |
"D" .A/2A/2(A d2) {e}dA |"G" .B/2(B/2B d2) .d/2.c/2(B | "D" A)(B d)f a(b |"D" .a3) d fa|
"G" {a}gf e(g f)e | "D" (fe) d(c B)(_B | "A" .A/2)A/2(A f2) .f/2.f/2(e |1 d3) A FG :|2 "D" {e}d3 e fg||
|:"D" a2{b}.a/2.a/2f d(f | "G" {g}e)(d c)(e B)_B |"D" .A/2.A/2A FA df |"A" e2 .e/2.e/2^d ef |
"G" {a}gf e{a}g fe |"D" {g}fe df ed | "Em" .B/2.B/2(B e2) {f}.e/2.f/2d|"A" .c/2.d/2e ef {a}ge |
"D" a2{b}.a/2.a/2f d(f | "G" {g}e)(d c)(e B)_B |"D" .A/2.A/2A FA dc |"G" {Bc}B3 _B A(G|
"D" .F/2).G/2(A d)f af | "Em" ed ce B_B |"A" .A/2.A/2A f2 .g/2.g/2e |1 d3 e fg :|2 d4FG||
X: 3
T: My Ballingarry Lady
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
FG |: "D"(3AAA d2 dA | "G"{d}B2 d2 (3dcB | "D"AB df ab | a2 {b}ad fa |
"G"gf eg fe | "D"fe df ed | "G"B2 ef ed | "A"ce Be "G"^AB |
"D"A2 d2 dA | "G"{d}B2 d2 (3dcB | "D"AB df ab | a2 {b}ad fa |
"G"gf eg (3f/g/f/ e | "D"fe dc B^A | "A"A2 f2 (3gfe |1 "D" d2 {e}dA FG :|2 "D"d3e fg|
"D"a2 {b}af df | "G"ed ce dB | "D"(3AAA FA df | "A"e2 {f}e^d ef |
"G"gf eg fe | "D"fe df ed | "G"B2 ef ed | "A"(3Bcd ef ge |
"D"a2 af df | "G"ed ce dB | "D"(3AAA FA dc | "G"B3 ^A =AG |
"D"(3FGA df af | "G"ed ce dc | "A"A2 f2 (3gfe |"D"d3 e fg |
a2 {b}af df | "G"ed ce dB | "D"(3AAA FA df | "A"e2 {f}e^d ef |
"G"gf eg (3f/g/f/ e | "D"fe df ed | "G"B2 e2 ed | "A"ce Be "G"^AB |
"D"(3AAA d2 dA | "G"B2 d2 (3dcB | "D"AB df ab | a2 {b}ad fa |
"G"gf eg (3f/g/f/ e | "D"fe dc B^A |"A"A2 f2 {g}fe |"D"d4 |]

Twelve comments

My Ballingarry Lady

This is from a CD made by a local group called Fonn based in Enniscorthy, Co.Wexford. Padraig Sinnott and his wife Brigid play in the group along with Patrick Kavanagh on fiddle. Padraig plays pipes and whistle/ flute and was on last years Comhaltas tour in Ireland and I think maybe this year in USA. Anyway this lovely track is by Joe Whelan, a box player from Wexford based in the States and is titled after his mother from Ballingarry in Co.Tipperary. There is a lovely version on the Fonn CD, with Padraig and Brigid alternating between whistle and box on the various parts. I have posted here in D major but when I play it on the whistle I like to flatten the C’s which gives it a mellow feeling.

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Nice tune, but should a bunch of the measures have an extra half beat. I’m seeing several measures that have 2 quarter notes and 3 eighth notes, which adds up to 3.5 beats. Am I missing something?

those ‘3 eighth notes’ are a triplet - that’s the way I play and entered them - hasn’t come out quite right on the Sheetmusic. It’s in 3/4 time so the these add up to a crotchet and the other two make up the bar.
Also the dotted notes in the second part of the tune are generally rolled or ornamented.

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Yeah, I know about triplets, but my brain wasn’t thinking last night that that’s what they could be. I was just reading what was there. All I know is when I was reading the sheetmusic, I kept getting off because of that apparent extra 1/2 beat. Clarified. Thanks.

Hussar, I think you’ll find it was written by *John* Whelan, not Joe.


John recorded this on his recently released (2013) Passage Of Time CD, this tune featuring Seamus Connolly, Tom Wetmore and Gabriel Donahue. Lovey tune, fabulous album. Highly recommended.

Composer credit

If you use ABC notation you can add the name of the composer by entering:

C: John Whelan

Do this after the title on a separate line. We should make sure credit is given where credit is due. My instructor learned it directly from John Whelan and I’m glad to see it on The Session. Lovely tune indeed.

Composer credit

Generally that’s right, AccordionGirl. However, things are done slightly different on the, so we credit the composer in the comments here. I agree with you that this is an attractive tune.

Composer credit

Out of curiosity, why is that? Don’t those names then get lost to history?

Composer credit

This site operates as a database, and for the most part works very well. The composer field wasn’t built into the way it has been constructed. I don’t know why, but I might guess that when setting it up, Jeremy reasoned that as much of the music here is traditional, the composer field wasn’t necessary. However, I do not speak for Jeremy - he invites you to contact him personally on matters to do with the site.