Two recordings of a tune named
An Drochaid Chliùteach
With a tune named
The Sweetness Of Mary

An Drochaid Chliùteach (three-two) is also known as An Drochaid Chiiùiteach, An Drochaid Chliui, An Drochaid Chliutach, An Drochaid Chluiteach, An Drochaid Cliuiteach, An Drochaid Cluideachd, An Drochaid Luideach, An Drochead Chluiteach, The Crooked Bridge, The Famous Bridge, The Twisted Bridge, The Twisted Fox.

Nae Plans Volume 1 by Nae Plans

  1. The Sweetness Of Mary
  2. An Drochaid Chliùteach
  3. Molly Rankin’s

Roaming Free by Colin MacLeod And Rory Sinclair

  1. The Sweetness Of Mary
  2. The Famous Bridge
  3. The Swallowtail Coat