Two recordings of
The Dismissal
Paddy On The Turnpike

Paddy On The Turnpike (reel) is also known as The Auld, The Bunch Of Keys, Lady Elmer’s, The Old, Paddy On The Handcar, Paddy On The Turn Pike, Patti On The Turnpike, Patty On The Turnpike, Plumber’s, Reel Du Plombier.

My Roots Are Showing by Natalie MacMaster

  1. Mary Scott
  2. The Ewie Wi’ The Crookit Horn
  3. Lord Kelly
  4. Sir Harry’s Welcome Home
  5. The Dismissal
  6. Paddy On The Turnpike
  7. The Yellow Tinker

That's What You Get by Wendy MacIsaac

  1. Dismissal
  2. West Mabou
  3. Paddy On The Turn Pike
  4. Pat Wilmot’s
  5. The Primrose Lass