Julia Clifford’s slide

Also known as Art O’Keeffe’s.

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Five settings

X: 1
T: Julia Clifford's
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:gf|e2 A ABd e2 d efg|eAA ABd edB Bgf|
e3 AB/c/d e2 d e2 g|age g2 B d2 B d:|
|:fg|e2 a aga aba aga|eaa aga efd efg|
[1 e3 a^ga aba aga|edB g2 G d2 B d:|
[2 aba gag fgf efe|dB/c/d g2 B d2 B d||
X: 2
T: Julia Clifford's
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Edor
|:d|B2 E E2 A B2 A Bcd|B2 E E2 F A2 F ABc|
BEE E2 A BAA Bcd|edc d2 F A2 F A2:|
|:d|B2 e efe e2 d efe|Bee ede BAB dBA|
[1 B2 e ede efe ede|age g2 G A2 F A2:|
[2 edc d2 B cBA B2 A|FEF d2 F A2 F A2||
X: 3
T: Julia Clifford's
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Bdor
efg|:f2 B Bce f2 e fga|fBB Bce fec cag|
f2 B Bc/d/e f2 e fga|bag a2 c e2 c e2 g:|
|:f2 b b2 ^a b2 c' b2 =a|f2 b baf f/g/ae f2 a|
[1 f3 b^ab b3 baf|fec a2 c e2 c e2 g:|
[2 b3 aba g3 fec|ec/d/e a2 c e2 c||
X: 4
T: Julia Clifford's
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
BAF E3|FEF DFA|d2f edc|B2A BAB:|
|:d2e fed|c2d ecA|d2e fed|f2e fga|
d2e fed|cA/B/c ecA|dfd cec|B2A Bcd:|
# Added by JACKB .
X: 5
T: Julia Clifford's
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Edor
|:B2 E E2 A B2 A Bcd|B2 E E2 F D2 F ABc|
BEE E2 A BAA Bcd|edc d2 F A2 F E3:|
|:B2 e efe e2 d efe|Bee ede BAB dBA|
[1 B2 e ede e3 ede|age g2 B A2 F E3:|
[2 edc d2 B cBA B2 A|FEF d2 F A2 F E3||
# Added by JACKB .

Twenty comments

“Julia Clifford’s” ~ for Ptarmigan

Well, it was Ptarm’s entry of a slide titled “Johnny O’Leary’s”, one starting similarly to this one, a drop down by a fifth in the first beat, e2 A or B2 E, that took me to some notes and this slide. I did search for it in numerous ways and didn’t find it, but that’s not saying much. I may have missed it or a close relative and would welcome that revelation and link.

The variations, hoping they will come out in the notes and in the midi, are also given in Ptarm’s honour, and as a red flag to a bull for those folks who are in the camp of the ‘Inquisition’, believing there is only ever ‘THE ONE TRUE WAY’… I believe we each have to find our own way from the options and choices before us, that which makes us a unique combination of genes and experiences and thus priceless. Hopefully, mistakes included, it will eventually arrive us at a place of greater understanding and patience, of and for ourselves and others.

Weirdness in digital limbo ~

Another strange thing on site here. This tune isn’t showing on the page? Was it the cost I pay for having added notes (N🙂 and variations to the ABCs? Honest Jeremy, the tune is innocent. I take full responsibility for stepping beyond the usual basic contribution.

I’ll light a few candles in the window and maybe eventually the tune will find its way to the fold…

Damned happy faces… That was, and let’s see if it works with other brackets:
{ N: }

N: = notes

There’s probably some fault with the abc. Don’t you have to write % instead of N?

Supposedly any of several will work, including:
% / N: / H:
I was sure I’d seen it used in another transcript on site here but couldn’t remember which one. I’ve dropped a line to Jeremy, hopefully he’ll be able to drag it out, Now the real question I’d like to see, if I could just hold onto a thread on this end, is which direction the tug comes from, upwards or downwards…

Hey, while you’re there Dow, you must know the tune “The Haughs of Cromdale”? I can’t find any of my scrawl on it but I understand it is related to the various forms Ptarm has had me chasing, tunes dropping an octave on the first beat, such as e2 A and B2 E or eA / BE…

“The Haughs O’ Cromdale”

Ask and ye shall find, the net is crawling with the Haughs… I used to go to Burns nights, I thought it sounded familiar, as well as having been blessed with hearing the likes of Dick Gaughan belt it out. There’s another man who almost lost the fight with fags and booze… The relationship of The Haughs to these other tunes is obvious…

Damn, it’s back to that chicken and the egg thing. What have you started Ptarm, pushing me downhill in snow. I just hope there’s enough build up that if I fly off a cliff at the bottom the impact will be soft…

Resolutions on the Dorian = e3 A6 z2 || & E6 z3 z2 ||

Sorry to have made work for your Jeremy. I see you’ve simplified things again and removed the notes ‘N:’ and variations, so as promised I’m adding them here in the notes.

Variation: second ending ~

K: Ador
2 agf gef fed edB | B^AB g2 B d2 B def ||

Variations: basically on a single beat with a few other variants

thrown in ~ the possibilities ~
Part-A, bar 4, beat 1;
Part-B, bars 4 & 8 (second ending), beat 1:

K: Ador

1.) | edB g2 B d2 B def ||
2.) | ede g2 B d2 B def ||
3.) | edG g2 G d2 B def ||
4.) | e2 B gfe d2 B def ||
5.) | age g2 B dcB d2 g ||
6.) | agf g2 G d2 B def ||
7.) | BAB g2 G d2 B def ||
8.) | B^AB g2 B d2 B def |
&, at the end, not forgetting resolution:
e3 A6 ||

Hmmm, doesn’t cut and paste right, that ‘space’ between “variants” & “thrown” weren’t there, and it cut off the following too, another variation:

Part-B, 1st ending, bar 4:

K: Edor
1 ~ ~ ~ | BAF d2 D FDF AB/c/d :|

So, enough choices already?

Ah ha, I see you have had a nice quiet Sunday afternoon there ceolachan!

The Haughs o’ Cromdale, aye I lived close by them for a couple of years, just outside Grantown on Spey.
It’s a good tune too, but I didn’t connect it with our wee Polka.
It’s a funny old World, isn’t it!

Yeah, too bad we’re not closer, I’d have had you over for a brew, in this case mainly just good coffee. It’s been fun multi-tasking. I’ve a load of chores to do and have been using this as a nice distraction, though I’ve had a few “Hey you!“s sent my way, in other words, as one example, “Where’s dinner?” I love how this went around in circles and connected up several different strands already there floating in my head and in space… Thanks for this particular wind-up, a constructive one. So, you too? ~ a quiet Sunday? (HA!)

It has been spent in good company…online and off…

I’ll come back with the strathspey version of Haughs tomorrow, all things willing…just to connect the dots…

Buzzin’ Bee ~ another take on it ~

K: B Dorian
|: g |
f2 B Bce f2 e fga | fBB Bce fec cag |
f2 B Bc/d/e f2 e fga | bag a2 c e2 c e2 :|
|: g |
f2 b b2 ^a b2 c b2 =a | f2 b baf f/g/ae f2 a |
[1 f3 b^ab b3 baf | fec a2 c e2 c e2 :|
[2 b3 aba g3 fec | ec/d/e a2 c e2 c efg |
f3 B6 z2 ||

“Julia Clifford’s” ~ cleaning up the ABCs

Here’s as I foolishly first gave it, with the final ending included for the B-part’s second ending, both keys ~

K: Ador
[2 aba gag fgf efe | dB/c/d g2 B d2 B def | e3 A6 z2 |]

K: Edor
[2 edc d2 B cBA B2 A | FEF d2 F A2 F A2 d |E6 z3 z2 |]

That’s how I originally gave it, as shown in the dots, but now I’ve cleaned up the ABCs a little to make for a better read, hopefully, without the final ending added…

|: gf |\ &

I’ve kept the lead-in notes for the A Dorian take to avoid long 12/8 bar second ending for the A-part…

Re: Julia Clifford’s

This tune is named “Art O’Keeffe’s” in the album The Living Stream, by Matt Cranitch and Jackie Daly.

Re: Julia Clifford’s

Is this a version or derivation of Morgan Rattler?
(Refer to settings #2 and #3.)
As it says on that tune’s page - the Rattler is in O’Neill’s 1850.
On Liam O’Flynn’s “Piper’s Call” CD (the recording is linked to this page) the A music is a clear relation, B music is the same tune, and there’s no C music.
The name “Julia Clifford’s” (she lived 1914 to 1997) suggests it may come from an older tune.

Re: Julia Clifford’s

The last setting (#4, by JACKB) is this tune, the Cordal:


I don’t hear much resemblance between that and the other settings.