The White Mountain slip jig

Also known as Arragh Mountains, The Arragh Mountains, Paddy O’Brien’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: The White Mountain
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Emix
EAA EAB =c3|EAA EAF GED|EGA EAB =c2 d|egd ege dBG:|
A2a gef g3|Aaa geA B^cd|A2a gef g2 e|d^cd g2e dBG:|

Six comments

White Mountain

I found this on a pae of music that also had "A Fig for a Kiss".

I have a feeling there is a problem here with the key signature. The G# just doesn’t sound right to my ears and the occasional C# might be ok where the accidentals are marked but not in the key signature. Which leaves us with onlythe F# in the key signature (?Amix).
I couldn’t find any other source for this tune to see how it might be notated elsewhere.
There is a SLIABH BÁNA reel which is the ‘White Mountain’ Reel - probably no relation. Alos there is an air also known as "Sliabh Geal gCua " or "The White Mountain".
Also can’t find any record of a recording of this tune and I have done an abc search that failed to turn up anything.
Having said all that it seems like a nice tune.

Well aren’t I the silly one. I did an abc search on TuneDB and Google but didn’t get around to doing it the only place that really matters - HERE!
Will, do you happen to know whether this was the Nenagh (Tipperary) POB - deceased, or the other one? The settings on the other entry sound great. Really nice tune.

These are the words of a song.The Slivermines are some hills where they found a bit of silver - doh! They are not far from Nenagh and Newtown which was the home of the deceased Paddy O’Brien. He recorded this on his album with a fiddler - Banks of the Shannon.
"Leave me on the road to Nenagh,
Hear the rippling Shannon call,
Where the Arragh mountains meet the Silvermines, "