Ellen O’Dwyer’s slide

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Ellen O'Dwyer's
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:gf|e2 A AGA e2 f g2 e|d2 G GFG BAB dcd|
e2 A AGA e2 f g2 e|d2 B g2 B A3 A:|
|:B/c/d|e2 a aga aga age|d2 g gfg gfg ged|
e2 a aga aga age|d2 B g2 B A3 A:|
X: 2
T: Ellen O'Dwyer's
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:B/c/d|e2 A AGA ede gfe|d2 G GFG BGB dBd|
e2 A A^GA ede gfe|dge dcB A3 A:|
eg|aba age aga b2 a|gag ged ede g2 e|
aba age aga b2 a|gfg edB A3 Aeg|
a2 a age a^ga b2 e|g2 g ged e^de g2 b|
ac'/b/a age c'ba b2 a|gfe dcB A3- A||
X: 3
T: Ellen O'Dwyer's
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Bdor
|:ag|f2 B B^AB f2 g =a2 f|e2 A AGA cBc e^de|
f2 B B^AB f2 g a2 f|e2 c AA/B/c B3- B:|
c/d/e|f2 b b^ab bab c'2 b|eaa age aga f2 e|
f2 b bc'b b^ab b=af|edc a2 c B3- B:|

Nine comments

"Ellen O’Dwyer’s Slide"

I haven’t yet found another name for this one. I’ve a couple of takes on it, including some alternate ways to end it and have given two here, three in total counting the tune change. The first is just from memory, based on notes Ptarmigan gave in the comments here:


Anyone with another way with this tune, please offer it. The first part is in the family, in this case the A-Part of "The New Rigged Ship":


I meant "key change"… Here’s that alternate scale descent ending for A Dorian:

| gfe dcB A3 A ||

"Barrack Hill" ~ not quite…


While there are a few similarities and this name has been used on a certain recording for half the tune, they aren’t the same…

Damn, chicken and egg again, but I think I’ll leave this one to other egg chasers out there…

~ almost forgot, another take in another key ~

K: Bdor
|: ag |
f2 B B^AB f2 g =a2 f | e2 A AGA cBc e^de |
f2 B B^AB f2 g a2 f | e2 c AA/B/c B3 B :|
c/d/e |
f2 b b^ab bab c2 b | eaa age aga f2 e |
f2 b bcb bab baf | edc a2 c B3 B :|

Jeremy has been editing again ~

Sorry, I mentioned three takes on this in the first comment, it seems Jeremy has removed one of those. I’ll have to see what I’ve done with that and come back with it and add it here in the comments…

Sorry, I will have to keep looking. I must admit feeling a bit miffed about making the effort, doing the work and then having it axed. I’ll have to make sure to file away what I’ve just contributed today. I think maybe I need to find another distraction for awhile, sadly, or just keep the work to myself, which isn’t in my nature but may be the better choice here…avoiding the disappointment and frustration…

Scottish in origin

The 3rd and 4th parts are almost identical to "The Hills of Glenorchy": https://thesession.org/tunes/842 The Amin jig version is known as "Over the Hills" in Ireland.

The flow of memory and tradition ~

Your right, expecting that what you’d meant to say is that the A-part for "The Hills of Glenorchy" and the A-parts for the two versions given in within the above tabs of ‘Sheetmusic’ & ‘ABC’ (1st & 3rd parts in the full notation) of this tune are basically the same. Definitely… Parts do wander in that way. Sometimes it is a matter of one of the parts evolving into something very different, sometimes it is a half forgotten tune, sometimes a musician just finds themselves pulling somethng else out of the air and liking it enough to keep it going ~ mutation? ~ transmutation? Definitely one of the accepted idiocyncrasies of tradition, sometimes accidental, sometimes by design.