Joe’s Farewell jig

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X: 1
T: Joe's Farewell
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: A | BAF AFE | DED AFA | def edB | egf edB | BAF AFE | DED AFA | def edB | ABc d2 :|
|: A | def afa | baf afe | def edB | egf edB | [1 def afa | baf afe | def edB | ABc d2 :| [2 BAF AFE | DED AFA | def edB | ABc d2 ||
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Joe’s Farewell

Our son learnt this jig from Joe Searson at last summers Willie Week. As far as I know Joe wrote it and he plays it on his CD, ‘From East London to West Clare’. Joe plays the box and is related to Michael Searson who makes the Cairdin accordions.
Following Ceolachan’s woes, I’m keeping it real simple - but the D phrases, both high and low are generally ornamentated in this jig.

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You can put in as much ornamentation as you want.

If you go back and read about "ceolachan’s woe’s", you’ll see that what I didn’t include in the sheetmusic or soundfile was complete transpositions to other keys. In other words, the same tune just played in a different key. That kind of variation is better suited to the comments. But you can put in any ornamentation you want.

Ah yes,
I was being slightly tongue in cheek. But since I mostly play whistle these days, I can’t do much on the D’s yet.

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Nice wee tune, but why all the messing about going to 5/8 then back to 6/8??

A simple repositioning of the repeat mark and adding an A quaver at the end of the 5/8 bar would make it simpler to read. Or have I missed something?

Actually, you don’t need to change anything except for deleting the 5/8. Incomplete measures at the beginning and end of sections that add up to a whole measure are more than acceptable.

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I usually note down tunes in Melody software and export to ABC. I found when some problems with just an upbeat at some stage - didn’t seem to export properly, so resorted to shortening the last bar approach which other people used. The 5/8 time doesn’t appear in my Melody version but seems to export, must see how you hide it using ABC notation.

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