Evan’s Slip slip jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Evan's Slip
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Amaj
F2 A cBA BcA|F2 A cBA cef|ecf ecA BAF|EFA cBA B2 c|
F2 A cBA BcA|F2 A cBA cef|eaf ecA BAF|EFA cBA B2 c||
eff fec afc|eff fec fga|eff fec afc|fga gfe f2 c|
eff fec afc|eff fec fga|eff fec afc|fga gfe fcA||
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Evan’s Slip

My oldest son turned 16 just the other day. He’s an avid and talented guitar player, and I enjoy hearing him play when he gets home from school, while I work upstairs in my office. So this tune unfolded in my head as Evan was taking the Les Paul through its paces.

It’s actually in F#minor, but that key/mode isn’t an option when posting a tune, so Amaj gets the right key signature.

On fiddle, I tend to do just a small slide up into each F2 in the A part, and similarly slur from the e to the f in each of the eff bits of the B part, to give the whole tune some swing.

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Great Tune, Will!

I won’t be surprised if this tune is on Lunasa’s next album.

LOL, Hiroyuki, as the tune was working itself out under my fingers I was worrying that it already *is* on some Lunasa album and I was just reinventing it….

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Loverly tune!
Does anybody else notice that the A part sounds kinda like a slip-jigafied version of Jean luc Ponty’s "New Country"?
Or am I just hearing things………….

Kinda reminds me of Farewell to Whalley Range, but still plenty different. Great tune!