An Feochán polka

By Tommy Peoples

Also known as An Feochan, Feoċan, Feoṫan, The Gentle Breeze, Gentle Breezes.

There are 13 recordings of this tune.

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Twenty-two comments

An Feochan

I hope I got the notation right for this. This is the first tune I have submitted. I got it off of “Horse with a Heart”. It ’s written by Tommy Peoples.

And I almost forgot- It’s an air.

Nice tune. But, it seems this transcription comes from a different database on the Net.

I love this tune too

I’ve been trying to learn it on low whistle - inspired by the Altan recording by Frankie Kennedy. I have just about got the first part sorted but the high B in the second part catches me still. More practice….

The ABC here does look very like the K.Gow transcription which I found a while back from JC’s ABC tunefinder - it has Frankie Kennedy’s A part variation appearing at the end which, without (W🙂 comments can be slightly confusing. Here’s a straight copy and paste of the one I have:
X: 64
T:An Feochán
T:The Gentle Breeze
S:Frankie Kennedy recording
D:Altan - Horse with a Hear
Z:K. Gow
E>F G/2E/2-E| {A}B2{^c/2B/2}A>B| G/2E/2-E d2| B/2^c/2d B/2c/2d| e>f d>f|
e3 B| g>B f>B| e<B g>f| e<B BA| G>B F>B| E4:|!
ee- ed/2B/2| b/2^a/2b- b2| ee- ed/2B/2| d2- de/2f/2| e2 {f/2e/2} dB|!
g>B f>B|e>f ed| B/2^c/2d- d>e| E/2F/2G- Ge|B(4c/2B/2A/2G/2 F>B|EE- E2||!
B|EF G>B|E>^cd2|
W:These two measures (and pickup) are to be
W:substituted for the first two measures
W:the second time through the tune on the
W:repeated “A” part .

Great to have this tune on this site - I’d prefer to get more Slow Airs in (probably an exhausted topic?)

I’ve also got an Eileen Ivers recording of this tune (on the Celtic Spirit of Ireland recording). Does anybody know whether Tommy Peoples has recorded it? I’d love to hear how he plays it.

An feochan

Hey there…
Lovely tunes but from what I can make out from the sheet music it’s not right at all… There’s a chunk missing at the end of the A section, then an extra bit at the end of the B section…
I’d correct it for you but I must confess I haven’t submitted any tunes cos I find the whole ABC thing totally confusing and wierd.
All the best…. Paul ;9)

Sheetnusic for An Feochan

I agree with Paul - there are bits missing from the sheetmusic, is there anyone out there who knows the tune and speaks ABC fluently?

New version posted

I copied and submitted the version that edgar bolton inserted above - do a search for an feochan and choose the one created on April 17th 2007 - that is the Frankie Kennedy/Altan version, complete. Enjoy this gorgeous air.

“An Feochan” duplication

Key signature: e minor
Submitted on April 17th 2007 by israelirishmusic.
~ /tunes/7084

X: 1
T: An Feochan
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
R: air
K: e minor
|: E>F G/E/-E | B2 A>B | G/E/-E d2 | B/^c/d B/c/d | e>f d>f |
e3 B | g>B f>B | e<B g>f | e<B BA | G>B F>B | E4 :|
ee- ed/B/ | b/^a/b- b2 | ee- ed/B/ | d2- de/f/ | e2 dB |
g>B f>B | e>f ed | B/^c/d- d>e | E/F/G- Ge |B (4c/B/A/G/ F>B | EE- E2 ||
B | EF G>B | E>^c d2 |]

Other notation

I hope you enjoy this :

T:An Feochán
T:The Gentle Breeze
C:Tommy Peoples
S:Frankie Kennedy recording
D:Altan - Horse with a Heart
Z:Pierre Laïly
E3-E2F {G}E3|B3-B2B A2B {G}E3|d9|Bcd-d3B/c/d2|e3-e2fd3-d2f|e6-e2B|
|:e2e3dB3|b9|e3e3-edB|d6-def|e3-e2f edB|g6-g2B|f6-f2B|e9

Hope this helps…

Alright, I don’t know abc fluently, but I do know some of the notes that are missing in the A part according to Frankie Kennedy’s version, and I think I can follow where they relatively belong in the abc notation.

E3-E2F {G}E3|B3-B2B A2B {G}E3|d9|Bcd-d3B/c/d2|e3-e2fd3-d2f|e6-e2B|g3-g2B|f3-f2B|

(same rhythm as previous measure) eb e(longer note for second E)

bg(B is an eighth note to G, which is a dotted eighth note with a swung turn up to A) f# eb (eighth notes for E and B)

[descending to lower octave]
ba(B and A are sixteenths) gb (G is a dotted eighth, b is a sixteenth) fb (F is a dotted eigth, B is a sixteenth) e (E is a half note?)

My favorite rendition…

This is by far my favorite rendition of this song, and I ended up buying a Generation Bb whistle because I loved the sound, and wanted to learn to play this.

Frankie Kennedy

As played by Frankie, such a beautiful air.

An Feochan - Tommy Peoples/Frankie Kennedy


I realize that this is an old topic. Yet, this slow air written by Tommy Peoples and made noteworthy by Frankie Kennedy is such a nice slow air. I decided to include my video of it on a bass C Goldie. Thank you!