One hundred and six recordings of The Kid On The Mountain

Also known as Bogadh Faoi Shúsa, Bugga Fee Hoosa, The Dress, The Kid Of The Mountain, The Kid On A Mountain, The Kid On The Mountain Bike.

This tune has been recorded together with The Butterfly (lots of times), Hardiman The Fiddler (lots of times), An Phis Fhliuch (lots of times), The Drops Of Brandy (a few times), The Foxhunter’s (a few times), The Kesh (a few times), The Rocky Road To Dublin (a few times), Will You Come Down To Limerick (a few times), Dever The Dancer (a few times), Give Us A Drink Of Water (a few times), The Leitrim Fancy (a few times), Redican’s Mother (a few times), Rosie Finn’s Favourite (a few times), Sean Bui (a few times), A Fig For A Kiss (a few times), Come Upstairs With Me (a few times), The Hag At The Churn (a few times), James Byrne’s (a few times), Moran’s (a few times), Morrison’s (a few times), Toss The Feathers (a few times), As Covas Do Rei Cintolo, Ballykett Courthouse, Banish Misfortune, The Blacksmith, Brian Boru’s March, Calliope House, Cepta Byrne’s, The Cock And The Hen, Crossing To Ireland, The Didda, The Diplodocus, The Donegal, The Drunken Sailor, The Eavesdropper, Elizabeth Kelly’s Delight, The Fairy Dance, Fasten The Leg In Her, The Foggy Dew, Garrett Barry’s, Geaftaí Baile Bhuí, The Gravel Walks, The Killavil, King Of The Fairies, The Marquis Of Tullybardine, Maureen’s Fancy, Merrily Kissed The Quaker, My Darling Asleep, The Pretty Girls Of Mayo, The Rambling Pitchfork, Rory Macnab, Running For The Ferry, Sixpenny Money, Sliabh Russell, The Star Of Munster, The Swallow’s Tail, The Swallowtail, Tomeen O’Dea’s, The Wandering Minstrel, The Winning Ticket.

  1. A Chapter in History: 30 Years of Joe ‘Banjo’ Burke, Live. Volume II: Live from Eagle Tavern. by Joe Burke
  2. A Tribute To Andy McGann by Joe Burke, Brian Conway And Felix Dolan
  3. A Way for Ireland by Castle Ceili Band & Sixteen Ninety One aka 1691
  4. After The Morning by Mark Nelson
  5. Afterhours by The Bothy Band
  6. Aislinn (A Vision) by The Celtic Jazz Collective
  7. Another Feast Of Irish Folk by Various Artists
  8. Are You The Concertina Player? by Kate McNamara
  9. Banish Misfortune by Malcolm Dalglish And Grey Larsen
  10. Banish Misfortune by Mithril
  11. Believe by Celtic Woman
  12. Between Up And Down by Ado Barker And Ruairi McGorman
  13. Both Ears And The Tail by Martin Carthy And Dave Swarbrick
  14. Celtic Dance by Claire Hamilton, Peter Miln, Daniel James & Waxies Dargle
  15. Celtic Music From Maui by AnRil
  16. Champions Of Ireland: Tin Whistle by Ciarán Marsden And Gráinne Kelly
  17. Chappell Recorded Music Library - National Ireland by The Chieftains
  18. Come In And Listen by Inisheer
  19. Cornerstone by Celtic Spring
  20. Could Be Worse by Celtic Brew
  21. Dubhlinn Live by Dubhlinn
  22. Dubliners Instrumental by The Dubliners
  23. Exit by Ronan Guilfoyle
  24. Five After Four by Tim Hart
  25. Foinn Seisiun 1 by Ceoltóirí Cultúrlainne
  26. Folktrax-077: The Jolly Tinker - Michael Gorman, Irish Fiddler by Michael Gorman
  27. Friends of Note by Peter O’Loughlin, Paddy Canny, Paddy Murphy & Geraldine Cotter
  28. From Camden To Tulla by Andrew Mac Namara, Karen Ryan & Pete Quinn
  29. Gaelic Storm by Gaelic Storm
  30. Gogarty’s Music by Various Artists
  31. Going Nowhere Fast by Richard Neylon, Fergal Scahill, David Howley & Eimhin Cradock
  32. Hearts by Rapalje
  33. High Road, Low Road by Leaping Lulu
  34. Images by Barde
  35. Indovinatoduo by Indovinatoduo
  36. Inis by Eimear McGeown
  37. Irish Fiddle by Dale Russ
  38. Irish Fiddles And Pipes by Liam Rowsome
  39. Irish Harp by Triona Marshall
  40. Irish Jigs And Reels by Michael Coleman
  41. Irish Music by The Castle Ceili Band and "1691"
  42. Irish Pub Music by Castle Ceili Band
  43. Irish Showtime by The Irish Showtime Band
  44. It Was Mighty : CD #2 by Various Artists
  45. Itchy Fingers by Itchy Fingers
  46. Jammed by Flashpoint
  47. Jigs, Reels & Hornpipes by The Dubliners
  48. Journey Work by Popcorn Behavior
  49. Kerry’s Own by Paddy Cronin
  50. Lautari by Lautari
  51. Live in Concert by Mithril
  52. Live In Concert by The Bothy Band
  53. Mac Morin by Mac Morin
  54. Masters Of Tradition by Various Artists
  55. Music From Co. Leitrim by Packie Duignan And Seamus Horan
  56. Music from Ireland & Scotland by Pied Pipers
  57. Musiques Traditionnelles D’Irlande by The Crickard Brothers
  58. Myrddin by Celtic Sands
  59. Old Hag You Have Killed Me by The Bothy Band
  60. One More… by Caa A Dram
  61. Part II: Fire In Our Hearts by Na Connerys
  62. Piper’s Dance by Ballycastle
  63. Rags, Reels And Airs by Dave Swarbrick
  64. Relative Minors by Qristina And Quinn Bachand
  65. Riddle by Cynthia MacLeod
  66. Seisiun Ceol Neachtains by DinoTrad
  67. Shamus and Steve’s Crazy Celtic Journey to Glasgow Vols 1 & 2 by Steven Hawson
  68. Shoot the Sky by Aniar
  69. Sláinte by Sheevon
  70. sláinte by Sláinte
  71. Sligo Fiddle (Disk 1) by John Vesey
  72. Southwind by Glenn Morgan
  73. Standing Stones by The Crossing
  74. Starting With the Finnish by Lux Bridge
  75. Step This Way by David Lindquist
  76. Strayaway Child by Jerry Read Smith
  77. Sweeney’s Dream by Kevin Burke
  78. Tampa Session Sets, Vol. 1 by Clan Tampa
  79. The Best Of Irish Piping: The Pure Drop & The Fox Chase by Seamus Ennis
  80. The Black Rose by Jesse Autumn With Barry Phillips
  81. The Chieftains 5 by The Chieftains
  82. The Coleman Country Céilí Band by The Coleman Country Ceili Band
  83. The Crooked Mountain Road by Chris Corrigan
  84. The Harp Key by Alison Kinnaird
  85. The High Part Of The Road by Tommy Peoples
  86. The Last Days Off Fall by Sylvain Barou and Ronan Pellen
  87. The Mason’s Apron by The Madden Brothers
  88. The Music And Life Of John McKenna (The Buck From The Mountain) - Disc 1 by John McKenna
  89. The Phantom Shadows Of A Connaught Fire (1 Of 3) by Seamus Tansey
  90. The Phantom Shadows Of A Connaught Fire (3 Of 3) by Seamus Tansey
  91. The Rare Stuff by The Rare Stuff
  92. The Road From Erin: Ireland’s Musical Legacy by Various Artists
  93. The Scottish Harp by Alison Kinnaird
  94. The Tie That Binds by Joe Derrane
  95. The Tie That Binds by Joe Derrane
  96. The Well Below The Valley by Planxty
  97. The Western Shore by The Burren Boys
  98. Tobar An Dúchais: Solo Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Music From County Clare by Brid O’Donohue
  99. Toss The Feathers by James Keane
  100. Traditional Irish Accordion by Tony MacMahon
  101. Traditional Music Of Ireland by Michael Dwyer
  102. Transatlantic Sessions 4 by Various Artists
  103. Twos And Threes by Murphy Roche Irish Music Club
  104. Wet Your Whistle by Wet Your Whistle
  105. Wrecking Reels by Black Sheep
  106. Yield Up The Night Time by Mike Butler, Aidan McMahon & Michael Landers