Eight recordings of John MacColl’s Farewell

Also known as Cape Breton, John MacColl’s Farewell March, John MacColl’s Farewell To The Scottish Horse, John MacColl’s March, John McColl’s, John McColl’s Farewell, John McColl’s Farewell March, John McColl’s Farewell To The Scottish Horse, John McColl’s Favorite, John McColl’s March, Second Regiment Scottish Horse.

This tune has been recorded together with Father John Angus Rankin (a few times), Kay Girroir (a few times), Cooper’s, Eamon Coyne’s, Harris Dance, Keeping Up With Calum, Largo Law, Mrs. MacInroy Of Lude, The Musical Priest, Oonie’s March, Sleepy Maggie, Sleepy Maggie, Willie’s Auld Trews, Yester House.

  1. A Trip To Mabou Ridge by Theresa And Marie MacLellan
  2. Cape Breton Live - Take 2 by Various Artists
  3. Master Cape Breton Fiddler by Jerry Holland
  4. Off the Floor by Wendy MacIsaac
  5. Ryan Young by Ryan Young
  6. The Ceilidh: Are Ye Dancin’? by The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band
  7. The Lake Sessions by Dara Smith-MacDonald & Adam Young
  8. Traditional Music From Cape Breton by Various Artists