Farquhar And Hettie’s waltz

By Farquhar MacRae

Also known as Fearchar And Hettie’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Farquhar And Hettie's
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:ag|f2 a3 f|d3 f ed|B2 d3 B|A3 B AG|
F2 A2 d2|f2 a3 f|e6|e4 ag|
f2 a3 f|d3 f ed|B2 d3 B|A3 B AG|
F2 A2 df|e3 d c2|d6|d4:|
|:(3B<AG|F2 A2 d2|f4 (3fef|e d3 B2|A4(3B<AG|
F2 A2 d2|f2 a3 f|fe- e4|e4 ab|
a2 f2 e2|f4 ef|f d3 B2|A4 (3B<AG|
F2 A2 df|e3 d c2|d6|d4:|

Four comments

lovely lovely waltz written by Farquhar MacRae and is named after him and his wife.



Farquhar and Hettie`s Waltz

Farquhar was a real gentleman,I had the pleasure of playing at quite a few weddings and open dances with him.Laurie Byrne the box player from Garvan,still plays this lovely tune a lot.

Re: Farquhar And Hettie’s

In the Blazin’ Fiddles Fire On! version of this tune (track 11 Waltzes), in the third bar of the penultimate line the first note of this bar is played as quaver E, not quaver F.