Brigid Of Knock hornpipe

Also known as Ann Marie’s Dad’s Favourite, Bridget Of Knock, Bridgit Of Knock.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Brigid Of Knock
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3DEF | GFGA Bdgf | agfc ed^cd | BGDG cAFG | ABcB AG (3FED |
G,B,D=F ECEG | FDFA GBAc | Bgfd cAFA | G2 GF G2 :|
|: fg | afdg bgfa | gfge dcBd | ceAc BcdA | FAcA FD (3CB,A, |
G,B,D=F ECEG | FDFA GBAc | Bgfd cAFA | G2 GF G2 :||
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Brigid of Knock

Unfortuneately, I know very little about this tune except I think it was written by Ed Reavy, and although a little tricky in the second half, it is a great tune when you get the fingering sorted
If anyone knows anything about the tune please do add to these comments !

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Brigid was Ed Reavy’s wife, she was from Knock.

This is a nice one.

Brigid Reavy

Brigid of Knock is named after Ed Reavy’s wife. Originally Brigid Morley from a village called Aughtaboy in the parish of Knock, Co. Mayo Ireland. Reavy wrote many tunes with names from the locality included in the titles including the Aughtaboy Jig, Shanvaghera Reel (Shanvaghera being where she went to mass) and the Aughamore Reel (Aughamoreis another village about 2 miles from Aughtaboy where Brigid did her shopping). Hope that’s enough info for you Enob

Re: Brigid Of Knock

Been a long time since I put this on - I still love this tune
Fiddler 101 - thats great info - very comprehensive - sorry about the 9 year response - there really are a lot of tunes out there

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Re: Brigid Of Knock

It’s certainly made its way to USA cf recording by Old New England, who played it in 2005. Nice h/pipe.