Ten recordings of a tune named

Also known as Blauw Garen En Koperdraad, Parson’s Farewell, Parsons Farewell.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with Childgrove, Hole In The Wall, Horse’s Bransle, Hyd Y Frwynen.

  1. 10 by Andrea Capezzuoli e Compagnia
  2. Apples In Winter by The Itinerant Band
  3. Blowzabella by Blowzabella
  4. Cotillon by La Chavannee
  5. D Is For Dulcimer by Glenn Morgan
  6. Journey Work by Popcorn Behavior
  7. Princess Of Flowers by Margaret Davis
  8. Spades by Rapalje
  9. Traditions by Maggie Sansone
  10. Vivo! by Andrea Capezzuoli e Compagnia