John Daly’s hornpipe

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One setting

X: 1
T: John Daly's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3def|(3gfg (3agf g>d B>A |G>F G>B d>B G>F |E>C E>G c>B A>G |
|F>d ^c>e d>g f>a |(3gfg (3agf g>d B>A |G>F G>B d>B (3GF=F |
|E>G, C>E D>F A>c |B>G G>F G2 (3def |(3gfg (3agf g>d B>A |
|G>F G>B d>B G>F |E>c (3ccc D>B (3BBB |(3ABd ^c>e d>g fa|
|(3gba (3gfe d>c B>A |G>F G>B d>B G>F |E>G, C>E D>F A>c |
|B>G G>F G>e (3fga|b>f d>B F>G G>F |E>G c>e d>B G>F |
E>C E>G c>B A>G |F>d ^c>e d>e (3fga |b>f d>B F>G G>F |
E>G c>e d>B (3GF=F |E>G, C>E D>F A>c |B>G G>F G>^c d>e |
f2 (3BBB _B>=B (3efg|f>B g>f e>d ^c>B |B>A ^G>A B>A (3^cde |
a>^g a>b a>=g f>a|(3gfg (3agf g>d B>A |G>F G>B d>B (3GF=F |
E>G, C>E D>F A>c |B>G G>F G4 |]
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John Daly’s Hornpipe

This is simply a brilliant hornpipe, written by John McCusker, and like many of his tunes, very unusual in that it takes some twists and turns where you don’t expect them. He recorded it on his first album (John McCusker).

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