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One setting

X: 1
T: Gordon Campbell's Mess
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
dDFA (3BBB Bd|A2 AB AFED|dDFA (3ddd dB|AFEF (3DDD D2||

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Transcribed from an album by The House Band released in the 1980’s.I’ve no idea who Gordon Campbell was or what kind of a mess he made,or perhaps he was an army cook? It sounds like a pipe tune so perhaps it should be played in A,but the House Band recorded it in D.

Gordon Campbell

Gordon Campbell is a piper who I think still lives in Edinburgh. He used to play with the Vale Of Atholl Pipe Band from Pitlochry, but I think he’s now the Pipe Major with one of the Grade 2 Bands. He was at university in Aberdeen the same time as me. Haven’t seen him in years. The tune might be one of Jimmy Young’s, but I’m not sure.

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Re Gordon Campbell

I knew Gordon well from Sandy Bells but haven’t seen him for a while either.
If I recall he was involved in the T.A. and they used to meet in premises up the lane at side of Bell’s. So, I think this may have something to do with the "mess" connection.
I don’t know if he had ever been in the regular forces.

I don’t know about ‘regular forces’ but, like Kenny, I remember Gordon from Aberdeen, & from Bells, & he is a force to be reckoned with.

I remember one of his party pieces, when away anywhere, was to go into a strange bar for a drink, & after a few, he would dander off to the loo with his pipe box under his arm & then come storming back out ‘at a gallop’ with the pipes blasting forth & play for ten minutes or more, non stop, or as long as he could get away with!
Guaranteed to motivate the calmest of pubs!

Spot on Kenny, it is one of Jimmy Young’s tunes & bang on too John J. cause the Mess in question was the one up the lane beside Bells.

Here’s what Jimmy wrote, when I asked him about this tune:

"Hey Dick, guilty, I’m afraid!
The story behind the tune is that his [ Gordon’s ] Stag night was held in the Officer’s Mess up the lane beside Bell’s.
You can imagine that the title is a pun on what hapened that night.
Jeez, haven’t thought about that tune in years.
Iain MacDonald played the tune to Gordon at the Stag Night, sight unseen, from the music sheet I took with me.
PS James and I have been invited to Lorient next year, early August. "

Their web site is: http://www.geocities.com/jimmy_rua/Jimmies"

You’ll find a review of Jimmy’s CD "Pipeworks", here:

Thanks for the info.

He was actually in the Gordons for a couple of years before University. He PMed the Gas band before they folded over sponsorship (I think). He was PM of the 71 Engineers pipe band until quite recently when it was shut down by the regiment. I saw him recently and he was trying to get the Royal Scots Associatin band out competing.

I can’t begin to imagine what the Mess was like that night…

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Was Gordon Campbell also P/M of the Aberdeen Universities OTC from 1976 to 1978?

Was Gordon Campbell also P/M of the Aberdeen Universities OTC from 1976 to 1978?

According to my information he was born in 1957 and was Pipe Major of the following military pipe bands:
- 1976-1978 : Aberdeen Universities O.T.C.
- from 1981 : Edinburgh & Heriot-Watt Universities O.T.C.
- unknown : 52nd Lowland Volunteers (TA), 2nd Bn
- 1999-2002 : 71st Royal Engineers (TA)

Re: Gordon Campbell’s Mess

My goodness, haven’t thought about that particular stage night for a while now. It certainly was a night to remember - went on until the Mess ran our of beer as I recall.