Tarantella Di Masaniello slide

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One setting

X: 1
T: Tarantella Di Masaniello
R: slide
M: 12/8
L: 1/8
K: Amin
|:f/e/^de|f2a e2a d2a Bcd|efe dcB cBA f/e/^de|
f2a e2a d2a Bcd|efe dcB A3:|
|:^ga_b|a^ga _ba=g fed =Bcd|1 efe dcB cBA:|2 efe dcB A3||
|:cBc|ded BAB cdc A^GA|BcB ^G^FG A3:|
|:z2a|A2a A2a a2^g Bcd|g2f Bcd f2e z2a|
A2a A2a a2^g Bcd|e^de =f^fg a3:|
|:e2e|edc d2d dcB c2d|efe dcB cBA e2e|
edc d2d dcB c2d|efe dcB A3:|
|:cBc|ded BAB cdc A^GA|BcB ^G^FG A3:|
|:fe^d|ecA fe^d ecA efg|aga cde f2e fe^d|
edB fe^d e=dB efg|abc' d'fg a3:|

Ten comments

Tarantella Di Masaniello

Source: NCCP ( Nuova Compagnia Di Canto Popolare) - Lo Guarracino (1972)
Transcription: gian marco pietrasanta

Another Tarantella - great!!

repeat the last part ad libitum and accelerando ( if you can)

Accelerando (Ah-chel-lah-RAHN-doe) [It.] Gradually accelerating or getting faster.

Thanks a lot for posting it, I’m going to learn it right away.
The 12/8 meter suprised me, as I thought Tarrentella’s were usually in 6/8. Am I wrong?

A bevy of Tarantulas ~ what is the plural for spiders?

Key signature: Aminor
Submitted on August 29th 2003 by dafydd.

Key signature: Bminor
Submitted on October 10th 2004 by ceolachan.

Key signature: Aminor
Submitted on October 18th 2004 by gian marco.

Key signature: Gmajor
Submitted on March 19th 2005 by triplewhiskey.

Tarantella Di Masaniello - key change?

Hey gian marco - thanks for posting this. I’m a bit confused by the key sig in the 4th part - it changes to Amaj but some of Gs have an accidental sharp on them. Should all the Gs be sharped in this section?