I’m Sleeping And Don’t Wake Me jig

Also known as I Am Dreaming, Do Not Wake Me, Taimse Choladh.

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One setting

X: 1
T: I'm Sleeping And Don't Wake Me
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:G2 G, G,A,G,|B,CD G2 D|EA,A, FA,A,|G2 FE2 F|
G2 G, G,A,G,|B,CD G2 E|FGA DEF|1 G3 G2 D:|2 G3 G2 A||
B2 GB2 d|g2 dB2 d|cdc BcB|A2 Bc2 d|
B2 GB2 d|g2 dB2 G|FGA DEF|G3 G2 A|
B2 GB2 d|g2 dB2 d|cdc BcB|A2 Bc2 e|
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Unknown jig

I posted this for two reasons. First, it’s a fun little jig, learned from the concertina player at our local session, and it deserves a chance to be shared and played. Second, we don’t know the name for it, so I’m hoping someone out there will recognize it and be able to supply a proper title. Like our concertina player, it may come from the New England contra dance scene. But he’s also listened to a lot of Donegal tunes lately, so….?

We do this with a fair amount of bounce, emphasizing that single jig sound to the point where it rebounds like a hornpipe in 6/8. You can push that hornpipey sound even more by doing triplets in the 3rd measure of the A Part:
|E(3A,A,A, F(3A,A,A,|
A little tricky, yes, but worth it. Just don’t overdo ‘em. I prefer to play it straight the first time through, and then pop the triplets in the next go round.

The rest of the tune is pretty straightforward. Fiddlers can get some "lean" into the B Part especially by slurring across bar line, say from the d in the 2nd measure to the c in the 3rd—all on one bow stroke. Do the same between the 3rd and 4th measures and wherever else it feels right. Then just hang on for the downhill run at the end (which I single bow the whole way, again pushing that hornpipe feel).

Anyone got a name for it?

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Occurs to me now that I see it in print that this must be a slide, if that helps anyone tie a name to it….

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A Name

Turns out the concertina player’s memory sporadically returns to him. Says this one is called I’m Sleeping and Don’t Wake Me. He learned it off of Altan.

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